White and Cream for Summer

white and cream

For some reason I am totally addicted to white and cream coloured dresses at the moment which is strange for me as it usually a colour I stay well away from. I always find that whenever I wear white I somehow manage to spill coffee/tea/tomato sauce on myself and this is like EVERY time. I even used to have white jeans which I managed to get all stained at a party one night.

Also white does have a tendency to highlight bad parts which I try to avoid where I can. But seriously how gorgeous are these dresses! Perfect for the steamy hot weather at the moment too.

I even tried on a white dress yesterday (which I didn't buy) but am seriously considering going back to buy it as it was so cute. Not entirely sure if it would fit into my wardrobe (it was a skater/scuba style dress). New year- new me I say!

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