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Queen of Hearts

Dress by Wish
H&M satchel bag
Outlined with love tights via Modcloth
Black Oxford Heels by Hush Puppies
Ray Ban Original Wayfarers

Just a quick post as I am not feeling 100% today got a massive headache
I took these pics yesterday and was glad that it wasn’t raining for once. It seems to have stopped today but the sky is still a merciful grey colour and it is incredibly hot meaning it could storm.
These are my new tights from Modcloth and they look great but feel a little weird on the embroidery is a bit itchy. Cannot wait for cooler weather as it was difficult to wear this yesterday in the sticky humid heat.
Have a great Monday everyone and make sure you look out for the giveaway I will be having later this week.

Inspiration Monday: Pastels

{Image sources: 1  2  3  4  5  6}
Oh my favourite time of the week! I love writing up inspirational posts for my readers it is always so much fun!
This week I decided to go with the latest trend for Spring 2012 which is pastel colours. Sure, you can wear pastels any time of year and look great but what better time for when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and there is the warm ambience in the air!
Here are some wonderful girls showcasing just how easy it is to combine pastel colours with neutral hues to make a stunning and feminine outfit.
Although I rarely wear any of these colours I must admit that I am really wanting a pastel green blazer right now after writing this!
Would you wear pastels for Spring?

What I Want: Pretend Autumn/Fall Outfits

With Autumn only 5 weeks away now (yay!) I cannot help but dream up heaps of beautiful outfits for the colder months in my head and on Polyvore!
I would love to wear each of these outfits and the best part is that some of these outfits feature items I already own which is even more inspiring to me to re-create these dream outfits once it gets cold.
Also those purple Jeffrey Campbell boots in the first outfit are calling out my name and telling me to buy them. Naughty me thinks.
Which one would you wear for the colder months ahead?
Pretend Outfits for Winter 3
Pretend Winter Outfits
Pretend Winter Outfits

Guest Blogging at Shades of Monet


Hi everyone today I am guest blogging over my lovely friend Marisa’s blog- Shades of Monet, whilst she is away with her husband.

Check out my guest post here and make sure you stick around to check out her blog it is awesome!

Also just a quick note that I have installed a reward program for my readers on my left sidebar where you can win awesome prizes just from reading my blog, commenting and liking it etc. (the ususal she-bang)

I am off to watch the first season of Downton Abbey as I haven’t seen it yet but heard its good. Have a great weekend.


You’re So, So Scandalous


Polite and Day Dress via Modcloth
Mustard socks via eBay {similar}
Jeffrey Campbell Munson Boots via Free People

Today is Australia Day yay so I am celebrating at home. The weather has been horrible all week it has been raining non-stop and now today it has stopped raining but it is terribly overcast and sooo humid I was drenched when I got back inside from taking these few shots in my back yard.

Also it was soo breezy hence why my skirt keeps trying to blow up thank God no-one was around to see!

This is my new Modcloth dress anyway and I love it. It is so comfy although next time I will be wearing it with tights it is a bit too short for someone with fat legs lol.

I paired it with my Jeffrey Campbell Munson boots and mustard socks to give it a bit more of an edge rather than being all cutesy and girly.

What do you think?


Sponsor Spotlight: Jezzy Belles Vintage

I am delighted to introduce you to my lovely sponsor Jezzy Belles Vintage. The owner of the shop is Deborah and she has such lovely things in her shop right now. She is also having an Anniversary sale right now so be sure to get in quick to pick up some lovely vintage things on sale.

I have put together a list of my favourite items from Jezzy Belles. Aren’t those loafer heels just to die for? And the best part- they are my size!

You can also follow the shops updates on twitter here-


1. Etienne Aigner Loafers  2.Floral Print Shirtdress 60s/70s  3.Black Sequined Cardigan

4.1970s Fringed Heels Leather  5.Folk Fabric Clutch


My New Modcloth Purchases

This is currently what it look like outside my house today so I won’t be doing any outfit posts. I could do them inside of course but it is really dark today and my crappy kit lens much more prefers light to produce good quality photos. I have my 50mm lens but my house is way to small to take any wide photos with this.

Anyway here are my new purchases from Modcloth I got the Bass loves Rachel Antonoff shoes at a steal so happy as I love Bass loafers!

I also got a few more lovely dresses that weren’t on sale that have been in my wish list for ever. Plus they weren’t too expensive so still within my budget!

I also got some adorable tights with little white embroidered hearts all over them. I was actually pretty impressed with the quality too as I usually buy all of my tights on eBay from Korea and I have never had any issues with them.

And last but not least I got one of the infamous Modcloth Charter School Cardigans which is just as amazing as I hoped it would be. Cannot wait to wear this baby once the weather gets a bit cooler (hurry up April!)

They also gave me a little gift which is some cute furry bow clips thanks Modcloth!
Anyway I am so bored of being bored and have run out of DVD's to watch. Any suggestions?

Inspiration Monday: Neon

Lately I have been lusting over brights and neons even though I always feel they probably wouldn’t have a large place in my closet. Personally I prefer neon accessories and some satchel bags that come in bright neon colours like pink and yellow.

Neons tend to go best with neutrals although some chic's certainty know how to pull off big and bright numbers!

After a search in some of my favourite haunts it was difficult to find some neon wearers that knew how to style it well. Here are some of my favourites

{ 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 }


Give Me Cream and Lace

vintage style dress

vintage clothing

vintage shoes

lace skater dress

summer 2012 fashion trends


  • Cream Lace skater dress from Just Jeans (sold out online- similar)
  • Gold snakeskin vintage belt from Etsy
  • pink necklace from Collette
  • Brown 90s vintage sandals- thrifted

I wore this outfit yesterday to catch up with my old work colleague for brunch. Nothing says brunch more than a cream lace skater dress right?

Lately I have felt conflicted with my clothing choices because I feel like my style is/has changed a lot since I started my blog and I afraid this will affect my readership but at the same time I need to stay true to myself even if that means losing out.

I find some blogs I read including some of my favourite ones always post the same outfit pics again and again which I feel becomes a little boring after a while.

Right now I am really getting into more edgier pieces thanks to all the awesome UK fashion blogs I have been reading.

Do you feel your style changes constantly and how does it affect your blog?


What I Want: Leather

With winter fast approaching (lol…jokes) I can’t help but think about the up and coming winter 2012 trends with leather being a stand out piece for me. I just got a leather skirt recently which I blogged about here and it is amazing and will last me for many years to come (as long as I don’t put on weight!)

I have put together a small collection of leather or faux leather items that I really like right now. Are you planning on wearing leather for winter?

1. Brown leather skirt  2. Pink leather Marc Jacobs skirt  3. Pleated faux leather skirt  4. Espresso stretch leather pants

5. THE ROW Stephenson leather shorts  6. TOPSHOP Petite Faux Leather Shorts  7. FULL TILT Biker Womens Jacket


There is Thunder in Our Hearts

*Vintage cream scalloped edge blouse from Etsy
*Black and White skort shorts from Target {similar}
*Steampunk necklace made by me (available at my etsy shop)
*Thunder in our hearts tote bag by Fieldguided on Etsy
*Sparkly rhinestone flats {similar}
*turquoise bracelet from eBay

How awesome is this lovely tote bag from Fieldguided? Not only is it huge but so cute and unique I just love it!
I am so bored this week I feel like I am going crazy! I don’t have any motivation to do much and uni doesn’t go back for about another 4-5 weeks so I really have NOTHING to do it sucks.

I am going out shortly to put in a few resumes at the local shopping centre for a cutesy little part time job that will at least stretch my mind and allow me to chat to people other than my cat.

I have made some more steampunk designs this week I am wearing one in the pics above but I think I might keep this one for myself! Getting frustrated as nothing is selling on etsy and I am seriously considering closing down the vintage section of my shop as I feel like it is a huge waste of my time and energy. I am glad things are selling at my eBay shop though.  I think the reason things don’t sell well on etsy for Australian sellers is the fact that it costs a fortune to post something overseas and with the high Australian dollar people are edging away from Australian products more and more.

Oh well there is my rant for the day. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.