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JoonieBeads Amethyst Earrings Giveaway!


Hi everyone! My lovely giveaway sponsor JooniebeadsTreasures  is giving away a lovely pair of sparkling amethyst crystal earrings to My Modern Vintage readers.

Make sure you visit her shop as there are plenty of beautiful items that would make great gifts or just a little something to spoil yourself with!

The winner for this giveaway will be drawn next Tuesday the 6th of March and announced same day. Winner will be drawn based on the number of your comment by a random number generator.

Terms of Entry:

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Inspiration Monday: Autumn Looks 2012

Last week was all about Spring looks for 2012 written specifically for my Northern Hemisphere readers. This weeks post goes to my comrades down-under in the Southern Hemisphere.

Seeing as we are now 2 days away from Autumn (yippee!!!) I thought I would write about what looks are inspiring me for Autumn.

1. Floppy felt hats in Autumn tones

These hats are all the rage right now I have seen them popping up in Sportsgirl, Myer and Target. They seem to be selling out quick too so grab yourself one while you still can!

2. Coloured Jeans

Another item that seems to be selling out everywhere! The best part is you don’t need to spend a fortune on Ksubi coloured jeans when places like Big W, Target and Valleygirl have the basics covered with beautiful coloured jeans for all under $40.

I recently got some dark burgundy/wine coloured skinny jeans from Target for just $39 (see outfit post here)

3. Cute cardigans and knee high socks

Another autumn/winter must have is cute cardi’s that you can throw on over a vintage dress and for those lucky enough to live in really cold areas, under a thick coat. Depending on the material you can get these babies pretty cheap from chain stores or even check out your local thrift shop- mind the mothball smell though!

4. Coloured Blazers

Something I have been lusting after is a coloured blazer. I probably won’t get one as I invested a lot of many in a leather jacket to wear and I am trying to learn to be more frugal with my spending habits. But isn’t this blazer just to die for?

5. Aztec Print Pants

Not only are these super awesome but comfy too! I have seen a few prints out not too many yet but Australia always seems to fall behind in the times. Some of the ones I have seen have super skinny legs and are pretty unflattering. I am hoping for some loser fit harem style pants to come through soon!

6. Tights with shorts

Loving this look for autumn/winter! Plus it isn’t too cold where I live so will definitely be trying this look out with opaque black tights of course! If you are brave enough try the coloured tights instead!

7.Brights with Neutrals

Who said autumn has to be all about boring shades of camel, burgundy and brown. Why not dress it up a little with your Spring brights? Looks amazing with autumn’s neutral shades and makes you stand out a little more from the crowd!

{Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9}

Weekend Adventures: Doll and Craft Show

My mum and I actually went to this last weekend but I haven’t had the chance to post this yet. It was last Sunday at the Lawnton showgrounds and I new as soon as I got there that I was going to be in old-lady Heaven which it totally was!

Craft stuff, dolls, vintage and antique things and people selling their wares in a steamy shed with no air-con in 30+ degree heat. By the time we left I actually felt like I had walked through a shower with my clothes on but it was still fun!

I loved the vintage stuff in the first hall we went into which is where I took all these photos. Some people had beautiful vintage photos, antique hats and toys from the 50s and earlier.
Mum took some photos of me outside on this old cow thingy but it was pretty bright and I only had my iPhone hence why the photos are not as clear as they normally are.

I ended up getting a paper bead making kit. The lady who showed me her kits went into great detail with me so I totally felt obliged to buy one and it was only $12 and now I can make my own paper beads.
 We also had a big chat about recycling and I told her about my steampunk jewellery and how much I love making old things into new.

All in all it was fun minus the sweat!

What did you get up to this weekend??

What I Want: 1920s Flapper Style

With the 1920s flapper style hitting many recent runway shows I thought it would be nice to put together another little vintage hair styles post!

To pull off these beautiful curls I would use my ghd hair straightener from ghd Australia. I would then use a strong hair spray to pull it all together nicely.

Not that I have anywhere to go wearing these lovely do’s but perhaps I can emanate something similar for the vintage fair in Brisbane later this year.
They have a prize for the best dressed in vintage and from the pics I have seen some people go all out- you would swear they just walked through a time machine!
Here is a fun little tutorial I found on YouTube for vintage 1920s hairstyles. Check it out below:

1920s Hair Tutorial
Image sources { 1  2  3  4  5} These are links to sources not in any order*


Polka Dots and Grey Skies

Wearing: Grey Marle Top {similar}, vintage polka dot skirt {similar}, moccasins {similar}, satchel bag {similar}.

Another rainy day. Woke up this morning at 7.30 and it was still dark- not a great start to the day but luckily I am not working it is always so much harder to go to work in the rain!

Today I went to Chermside and got 2 new dresses from Sportsgirl. One is a really nice autumn toned dress (which I made my mum and brother buy me) the other is yellow with polka dots and a peter pan collar. So cute but I’m a little concerned about the yellow not sure if the colour suits my skin tone.

I originally went to the shops to try to find some plain tops to wear to uni but in bright colours or colour blocked. Tried one on a Forever New and can’t believe how small their sizes are! Also tried on a lovely jacket at Bardot but I am not paying $160 for PU leather (even if the jacket was gorgeous!)

Also tried on some lovely brogue heels from Wittner but they were $150 and I have spent my shoe budget already!

This is my first outfit post for awhile now and I was so thrilled to be able to wear tights today as it isn’t too hot. My bestie is coming up from Adelaide tomorrow to visit me so may be on hiatus the next few days!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend :)


Happy Birthday to Me

Untitled-2Today is my birthday I am 26! Starting to feel it too but seeing nothing wrong with getting older!

Today I have done pretty much nothing had a great day lazing about, catching up on some of my fave blogs and learning how to create clipping masks and scalloped edge backgrounds in Photoshop!

Overall pretty happy with my designing efforts and happy to have learnt some new things along the way! I will leave you with some of my fave things about life!



A New Blog Design for Autumn!

Hi readers I have spent many hours over the last few days pondering over my blog redesign.

I wanted something for the cooler months ahead and opted for a blue layout originally but then really felt it wasn’t me. This new layout is much more “me” and I am really loving it!

I decided to go with a 2 column layout and have removed sponsors and friends buttons (these have been relocated to links)

Most things will remain the same just some changes to sidebar etc but the navigation menu bar is the same just with a different look.


I redesigned my social networking buttons as I find them more easier to look for near the top of the sidebar. I will also be changing the buttons for the features to match etc and opting for less links on the main page (it is bad for your Google ranking!)

I figured that since uni is back in like 2 weeks I would not have time to do this seeing as I am taking 5 subjects this semester!

Let me know what you think and bear with me while some of the image links etc are being fixed.


Inspiration Monday: Spring Fashion 2012

This post is specifically for all my Northern Hemisphere readers who are all so excited about Winter ending and Spring bringing sunlight and warmer days.

I, on the other hand cannot WAIT for WINTER! Give me cardigans, coats, boots and tights any day and I am one happy girl! 

Here are some looks for spring that might assist you on your sartorial quest. Have fun everyone!



{Image sources 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10)

What I Want: Swedish Hasbeens Spring 2012 Collection

It is my birthday next week so I shouted myself a pair of Swedish Hasbeens covered super high (above). Endless had a sale so I got them really cheap which is awesome!
On another note I am very much in love with the Swedish Hasbeens Spring 2012 Collection. Their new shoes are adorable! (and so is the vintage styled lookbook!)
I have listed my faves below loving the soft pastel shades for Spring!
Which one is your fave?



I Have a Little Surprise for You!

Here it is! My lovely new Electra Townie bicycle that I just picked up yesterday morning from Hoffy’s Cycles at Sandgate. The people there were super nice and helpful and now I even know how to take off the front wheel and put it on (very simple!)
The bike is pretty heavy and very solid and sturdy. As I haven’t ridden in about 12 years it was weird getting onto it at first but once I got my balance it was fine. I took her for a little spin around the neighbourhood yesterday and it was AMAAZING!! It was like being a kid again I felt free and unencumbered!
Mind you I almost fell off about 3 times as I was trying to get used to the gears. It has 7 speeds but I was always used to riding bikes with single speeds so I think this may take a little getting used to.
But I am going to take her over to where I used to live next week as it is close to a a large expanse of walkways. I want to stay away from roads as much as possible especially while I am getting used to it.
Also if you are wondering why I am inside instead of out in these pics it is because it is steaming today and hot weather and the sun make me feel sick. I can’t wait until the weather is cooler so I can take her out in the daytime!