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What I Wore: Pink, Straw and Phoebe

White top from JeansWest// Pink lace kimono- thrifted// straw bag- thrifted// flats from Big W// skinny jeans from Target

The title to this post is misleading as technically I didn’t wear Phoebe but after holding her to take these shots I was pretty much wearing a lot of her hair so I guess that counts for something. I really liked how some of these pics turned out and was glad that Phoebe was actually staring at the screen for once in her life!

Of course Bella was jealous when I got home but sometimes it’s nice to get some pics of me and my dog. I have had her since I was 14 and she means the absolute world to me!


A pixie- to do or not to do?

Lately I have been bored with my hair- it has gotten to that awful place where it is long enough to pin up but looks kinda stupid but is also too long and sticking to my neck on warmer days.

With Spring and Summer not far off and back to sweltering days where my only comfort is knowing I have airconditioning pretty much all day I have decided for a change a big change actually.

I have been admiring pixie cuts from near and far. My mum has one and she likes it. However she has a different face shape from me so it is always hard to judge if a cut will suit you.

Here are some of my fave pixies I could find. Oh and also red/copper colours that I am obsessing over at the moment. Kind of annoyed as most of my copper ends have washed out now :(

P.S All links to original sources via my hair pinterest board!


last 2 images are from some of my fave bloggers! Katherine from Of Corgis and Cocktails and Rebecca of The Clothes Horse!

What I wore: vintage Style

Floral Dress from Modcloth (similar)// Cardigan from Modcloth (similar)// Black Ballet Flats (similar)// carpet bag by Fossil

These are the first pics I have put up on Flickr for a while now. Lately I have been really starting to think more about my online privacy and I really feel that Flickr is one of those places where a lot of weirdos unfortunately lurk.

I have had some crazies comment on my photos which is not fun. It would be good to have an account with privacy settings but the only issue with that is that I couldn’t share pics on my blog or in fashion groups which I love doing!

I suppose being online you need to accept the good with the bad. How do you feel about privacy online?

What I Wore: red and polka dots


Grey Polka Dot Dress- Thrifted//Red Clogs by Lotta from Stockholm// Grey Henley from Jeans West// Black tights- eBay// Red belt from another dress


Aren’t you just totally sick of seeing me in polka dots? Honestly though they really feel like my current go to. Although I haven’t had time to photograph every outfit over the past few weeks I can assure you that most of them involved some sort of dotted attire.

The last week was super crazy- not just busy but my little baby Bella got conjunctivitis which of course meant a costly visit to the vet! She is almost better now thank God.

I have also been busy with my blog designs shop. It will be great when it is finally off the ground- imagine getting paid to do what you love- a girl can dream right?


What I Wore: Antipodium


Dress by Antipodium at Sportsgirl

Hi everyone- thanks to everyone who is still following me after my little hiatus. I just haven’t felt like blogging much lately it has been a stressful and busy week.

I am almost ready to launch the My Modern Vintage Designs website stay tuned! This is just so very important to me right now. I suppose to be paid to do what you love is everyone’s dream but I sincerely hope my dream will eventually become a reality.

So in the meantime be sure to check out my blog design shop on etsy if you are in need of a little makeover!


Current Obsession: Picfx

If you haven't already downloaded the amazing app Picfx then get onto it for sure!
This is seriously one of my fave apps so far I love that I can create amazing images and this app really allows me to tap into my creative side.

It is super easy to use and you can choose so many different layered effects. As you can see I especially love the bokeh effects as these are so hard to get in real life even with an expensive camera. The heart bokeh is simply to die for and great for my pics with my beautiful dog and cat.

I also really love the grunge effects, lomo and the nebular/space effects. The very first image on this post originally was a pic of trees with a blue sky taken during the day time. I did a few different layers to create a seemingly magical night time look- I simply love this app!

Let me know if you have it and how you use it- send me links to your pics if you have any!


Free blog template design competition

lots of dots blog template design for blogger
Hi my dear friends how has your week been? I have been so busy over the weekend creating heaps of new blog templates and designs for my blog design shop on etsy.
As I am having so much fun loving what I do, I have decided to offer my blog readers a one off chance to win a Custom Blog Design valued at $125 (for Blogger).
This is not a give-away- it is a competition and the person with the best comment as to why they deserve to win the free blog design will win.
To enter:
  1. It's simple - leave a comment under this post as to why YOU deserve to win also include a link to your blog
  2. follow my blog with Google friend connect
  3. although not mandatory to win I would love it if you would share this competition with your friends let me know if you do :)
Notes on Entry:
  • This entry is open to worldwide
  • Entry is only valid for non-commercial, personal blogs (must not have a shopping cart- links to your shop or etsy mini is ok!)
  • Your blog must be a Blogger blog - I am not currently designing for Wordpress (although will be eventually)
  • Custom blog design only includes what is listed in the etsy listing. Any changes/add-ons are not included in this prize.

    Hi everyone this comp was drawn and I have already picked a few winners so it is closed. Actually closed 2 weeks after I posted this sorry for not adding a date!

Current Obsession: Kimono Jackets

sources available here

1. Jack by BB Dakota Kimono

2. Band of Gypsies Kimono

3.Tie Dye Kimono

4. Mint Chiffon Kimono

What is your current obsession?


Free Advertising: when should you do it?

Lately I have been personally contacted by some companies that basically want free advertising on my blog. The email usually starts with something like how much they like my blog etc. and a lot of the time doesn’t even mention my name (shows how much research they did!).
Even though I realise it is so very difficult to make it as a new entrepreneur with a cool idea, I have to admit that sometimes these emails frustrate me. Not only are they impersonal a lot of the time they are also essentially requesting that I do something for them with nothing in return.
compensation money for blogging
Although I didn’t set out (and still don’t) to expect money from this blog I do actually work really hard to ensure there is new (mostly original) content which is interesting to my readers – so why shouldn’t bloggers be compensated for their time, effort and energy?
When you should do it:
  • If it is something of interest to you or to your readers- Of course I have offered free advertising on my blog before but this is usually as I am interested in the shop myself or believe that my readers would be. Usually vintage/ handmade shops are great for this.
  • If it is something interesting or for a good cause then I would be more than happy to offer a blog post or something of the like. (I recently did this for the Woolmark world record attempt)
When you shouldn’t do it:
  • When the company doesn’t even bother to acknowledge who you are in an email and it is clear that the email is a template and they have just added in your blog’s name.
  • When it is something of little interest to you or your potential readers
  • When there is absolutely nothing to you or your blog in return 
Well there’s my rant for the week- what is your opinion on this matter?

what i wore: red roses and polka dots

MinkPink Valentine Shirt// Black Harem Pants (similar)//red clogs by Lotta from Stockholm

This is an outfit that I wore last week- sorry for the lack of outfit posts I have been busy and also not very motivated to blog or take photos of my outfits. Sometimes I feel like I am over blogging not sure why perhaps I just need to find some more inspiration.

Also check out my little photo bomber in the last pic- she seriously follows me everywhere!


Sponsor My Modern Vintage in July!

Sponsor your favourite vintage and style blog for July 2012.
I love working with etsy shops, fashion blogs and much more! 

Send me an email or check out my advertising page for more details. 
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Sponsor Spotlight: Smarty Pantalons

sponsor2sponsor1Hello everyone hope you had a glorious weekend. I can’t believe it is Monday tomorrow (and that today is 1 July!) this year seems to have just flown by!

Today’s post is a sponsor spotlight from my wonderful sponsor SmartyPantalons Vintage. Cherri the owners stocks the most cutest kitsch vintage items from cute shoes to adorable collectables (isn’t that Cabbage Patch Kid just screaming for a hug!?)

I am also in love with the vintage Babushka dolls and the carved wooden roosters (my mum and I actually collect bird statues and carvings)

Also if those mary-janes were in my size I would have snapped them up in an instant- any size 6.5er’s better get in quick!

Cherri is also offering My Modern Vintage readers a 20% discount off purchases made in July with the code: 20July

which items are your faves?