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Goodbye for now

Hi everyone I have decided to take a break from blogging for a little while. I am starting to get bored of my blog and don’t feel entirely motivated to blog much at the moment.

I have also noticed a drastic decline in comments, loss of followers and hits in general. I am not sure why this is happening as I try to do the best I can on my blog. I guess I am over just trying to “impress” new readers and so over the whole thing in general.

I have been blogging for 18 months now and really need a good break without thinking about how I can get more readers, sponsors and followers. It is crazy how much time and energy you spend on growing your blog!

I will come back for sure I just need a break to clear my head and try to refocus some issues. Sometimes the blogging world really is just too much for little old me Smile


A few of my favourite things


I recently came across this funky online jewellery store and thought I would share some of my fave pieces with my readers. Which ones do you like? visit the online jewelry store here



Fashion Accessories & Jewellery

Find similar styles of jewellery here: Swarovski Jewellery @ John Green

Yesterday I went for a job interview at a popular accessories store but first off not sure if I got it as I think the chick who interviewed me didn’t like me, and secondly I didn’t really feel like I “fit in” there. Most of the girls in the store even the older ones were about a size 6, wearing leggings as pants (URGH!) and looked like they shop somewhere cheap- each to their own but I just didn’t feel like “me” there are I think that you always need to be yourself no matter what.

As you can see from the outfit pics above this style is of course not truly me- I mean I hardly ever wear accessories I find them annoying to be quite honest. I like simple chain necklaces and sometimes a cool statement piece but this is about as far as my accessorizing goes.

So the job hunt is still on but at least I am starting to have a feel for what I truly want in a job even if it will only be temporary until I can (if ever) find work in journalism.

Have a great weekend everyone (and long weekend to other Queenslanders!). Find out more about Kalmar Antiques

Shellac Nail Polish Review

Hi everyone. It has been one hell of a fortnight for me with trying to find a decent paying full time job and going to random interviews and then realising the job probably isn’t suitable for me. Sucks so early last week I shouted myself to a Shellac Nail Polish manicure.

From someone who used to have acrylic nails, the process of Shellac is so much better for your natural nails just in case anyone reading this is worried. The girl basically did a quick shape, cuticle remove and then lightly sanded just the top layer of each nail. She then added the Shellac. It was done in 3 coats with drying time in the UV dryer after each coat. The final coat was a gloss layer which made them look uber sparkly. I wish I had taken photos so you could see what they looked like after they were done but maybe next time.

Anyway so its been about 1.5 weeks and they are pretty much still perfect. No cracks, chips, dullness at all. They seem to be a lot stronger than gel polish as I have had this done before and it didn’t last too long.

Overall I am very happy with the product and will be going back to choose another colour next time. It is only $35 and is supposed to last 4 weeks. Not that you can tell in the iPhone pics but the colour is actually a deep red/pink and super sparkly!


First look: my new Jeffrey Campbell litas!


wearing: JeansWest dress, Jeffrey Campbell Litas it taupe suede

OMG these are like SUPER tall but weirdly comfortable. It honestly doesn’t even feel like you are walking in something this tall. I rarely wear tall heels so they will take a bit of getting used to because of this but I cannot wait to wear them somewhere with a flat surface (probably the shops!)

I used to hate these shoes but convinced myself to ‘give them a go’ and I am pretty glad I did. I will do a more in-depth review once I have worn them a bit as it is hard to judge when you have only worn them around the house.

But if you are thinking of getting some- do it!


Current Modcloth Faves


Half the time I am drooling over the gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories and Modcloth, the other half I am wishing I could afford everything!

If you have never purchased from Modcloth and would love to see what all the fuss is about you can save $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more. See here for more details


Pixie Cut Update

photo (13)photo (12)photo (11)

Decided to go even shorter today and pretty happy with it. Pixie cuts are so much fun to style too. I was inspired by Ginnifer Goodwin’s super short pixie cut as it suits her so well. Now just need to stock up on some more products so I can have some fun.

All pics taken by Picfx- this is such a fun app you should check it out sometime for sure!


Autumn Colours in Spring

wearing: Sportsgirl dress, denim jacket from Esprit, yellow bag from etsy, creepers from Pulp shoes

Not sure why but I am still into autumn colours at the moment even though we are now in Spring. Maybe it is just my obsession with colder weather and the desperate need to hang onto layering while I still can?

Busy week, sorry for the short post but I am trying to find some work in communications or media so off to write some more applications- wish me luck!


Market Style


Wearing: Pink kimono cardigan- thrifted, tan satchel bag- thrifted, Ray Ban cat-eye sunglasses, boater hat from Myer and brown floral vintage style dress from etsy

Yesterday my mum and I visited the local country markets – mostly coz we were bored and didn’t have much else to do (or that we wanted to do!).

I don’t have any money so I pretty much just looked and drooled over a vintage suitcase (which my mum said she would buy and didn’t!) and other things like a vintage film camera and a handmade sailor dress which was soooo cute!

After we decided to take a peak in at the old mayor's house. Not sure how old the house is possibly 1800’s? It was owned by the first mayor of my local area which is cool and explains why is is so big. Most houses this age are tiny but not the rich old mayor!

It will be even more beautiful once it has been furnished will include some more pics when this happens. Nothing like some good old history I say.


Cosmetics and Animal Testing


{Image courtesy of Flickr}

Recently a reader of my blog alerted me to the fact that Covergirl still tests on animals. Of course this is something I should know considering in year 12 I was an animals rights enthusiast and even did my senior legal studies presentation on animal testing. Perhaps one can become ignorant or nonchalant as the years pass by?

Anyway, I am absolutely sickened by the amount of companies that still test on animals. I'm doing my research now so I can start eliminating these products from my house! Here are some well known brands that DON'T test on animals (information c/o PETA website): Aveda, Bare Escentuals, Nude by Nature, Australis, Face of Australia, Nads, Moroccan oil, Natio, OPI, Palmer's, Physicians Formula, Lime Crime cosmetics, Puretopia, The Body Shop and Urban Decay.


{Lime Crime doesn’t test on animals – Picture courtesy of Flickr}

As consumers it is so easy to forget that products may have been tested on animals. I am now making a conscious decision to only by CFC products. Most CFC products are labelled with a picture of a rabbit at the back or they say not tested on animals or something similar. Some companies don’t have this label (OPI is one) so always check first before purchasing. I have also found not to trust sales assistants as most of the time they also don’t know. I used to buy Mary Kay products as I was assured they weren’t tested on animals but Mary Kay is currently still on the list of companies who do test on animals on the PETA website.



Weekend Inspiration: Maxi Skirt

{Image Source : 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8}
The maxi skirt is always one of my favourite staples for Spring and Summer. It is pretty much perfect for me because it is stylish, fun, cool on warm days, and covers your legs!
The maxi isn’t for everyone but even shorter girls can wear this style with heels or skirts with a shorter hemline.
Here are some images I found that are inspiring for us maxi skirt lovers- enjoy!

Spring Wish List


  1. Dorothy Perkins cream floral print dress
  2. Dorothy Perkins leaf print dress
  3. Topshop denim skater skirt
  4. Chicwish red tulle tutu skirt
  5. Pink Chelsea Crew heels
  6. Jeffrey Campbell Litas in taupe

Well this is pretty much my spring wishlist down to a tee- cute heels, LITAS!!!! and of course some floral vintage style dresses.

I am currently watching Jane by Design which I heard got cancelled (so NOT cool!) and I am totally loving her cute tutu skirts- so have to get one of them for myself and found some cute ones at Chicwish.

What’s on your wishlist right now??


Review: Spirit Ink Temporary Tattoos

Recently I was approached by the lovely ladies who run Spirit Ink a temporary tattoo online shop. They have a lot of fun designs and these tattoos are great if you want something fun to wear over the weekend to a festival or concert of some sort.
They were super easy to use although stupid me didn’t read the instructions on the first one and totally screwed it. Second try was perfect and I choose the cute umbrella. I have always wanted a wrist tattoo so thought I would put it there.
They only last about 48 hours mind you I wash my hands a lot so may last longer depending where you place it.
I have to say I thought these were fun and quirky and would definitely use them again if needed.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s


No idea why but I totally want no NEED these babies! Mostly I want them because of the 1000+ reviews on Solestruck almost everyone goes on about how comfortable they are and easy to walk in etc., etc..

How can this be possible? A 5 inch heel with a 2 inch platform and yet people who wear flats mostly saying this is the most comfy shoe they own!

I need to get these even if it is just to prove them all wrong!!!!


Spring Fashion: print maxi skirt

Wearing: Floral print sheer maxi skirt from Myer, Black tank from JeansWest, thrifted straw bag, heels by Kork-Ease

Well the warmer weather is well and truly here with a bang. I am enjoying it right now as there are still some cool breezes around and not the horrible humidity I will have to be dealing with in just a few short weeks.

I got this maxi skirt at Myer the other day on sale. The price tag said $40 but when I took it to the counter it had been marked down to just $12.50 – score!

Busy weekend, worked on some blog designs, starting working on my magazine (I am starting a magazine more info on this soon!) and bought some more vegies for my garden. I love gardening and looking forward to getting back into it.

Also started on my new diet yesterday so hoping to lose 5 kilos within the next month. I am starting with mostly protein as I know this works for my body and I hate exercise so the more protein the better at this point (but lack of carbs is KILLING me!)

What did you get up to this weekend? Hope it was amazing!


Corset Review by Chantelle

I was recently contacted by the lovely Jess who runs an online corset shop. As I don’t wear corsets I decided my friend Chantelle should review this piece. Here is what she had to say…
The corset is exquisitely made fits my shape perfectly. I quite frequently say I was born in the different century and now I have the corset to match. I found the corset comfortable and easy to move in (not excluding bending) but sitting down while wearing it was easy. I didn’t have any trouble breathing.

Like other corsets I have tried when sitting or bending the bones in “cheap” corsets tend to bend outward, but not this corset it held its shape wonderfully as any corset of higher quality should.
The attention to detail in the make of the corset is also beautiful the frills around the edging have not been over done and are equally space around the whole of the corset.
The materials used are soft elegant colours and versatile. All the stitching is perfectly executed no lose threads. I believe that this corset would withstand the most intensive wear.
I found it slightly difficulty to get the flap under the lacing to sit properly by my self and needed assistance in straightening it. Also getting the lacing done tight enough was a challenge but nothing a little practice couldn’t fix.

I found when wearing the corset it makes me confident and beautiful. I enjoyed the slimming and shaping that it gave my figure. I have never felt more feminine wearing any other piece of clothing.


You can visit Jess’s Corset shop here and buy this beautiful corset modelled by Chantelle here!



wearing: Cream lace dress from Just Jeans (old), Modcloth charter school cardigan, my new black suede creepers from Pulp shoes.

Comfortable- check. Stylish- check. Creepy? No I don't think so

I am in love with my new creepers they are so comfy go with everything and are not the over-the-top freaky style that you see many Londoners wearing.

I am pretty fussy with shoes hence why I have so many  I barely wear but I am pretty certain these babies will be worn out soon with how much I am wearing them. I have figured that once they come on sale I will just get some more…good thinking methinks.

The Peplum: love it or hate it?


wearing: peplum lace top from Temt// black maxi skirt from Topshop// satchel bag- thrifted

Ahh the peplum you either love it or hate it. Or maybe you are just like me and still sitting on the fence about it.

I actually purchased 2 peplum tops on my shopping spree a few weeks ago and decided to keep this one (I am returning the other one).

I think the reason I like this one for is that it pretty much sits at the perfect spot on me. Any longer or shorter and I would look pretty terrible.



The white one I bought which is being returned was way too long so that the peplum bit sticks out at my hips. I don't actually have very large hips but the length made me look about 2 x larger than I am (not to mention the colour white really doesn't help)

So anyway this one is a keeper although really not sure how I am going to be able to remix it as I don't wear pencil skirts or shorts (which look amazing with peplums). Probably jeans with heels will look ok to balance out the wideness but flats and I could look a bit stumpy.

So will probably just wear this same outfit over and over again. Oh and this maxi skirt from Topshop is totally going to be my summer staple.

Do you wear the Peplum trend? Any advice for us who are so unsure of this look?

P.S how cute is my little photo-bomber!