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Life & Reflections
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90s Styling


what I wore

Floral Dress: JeansWest

Denim Vest: Thrifted

Black Stockings: eBay

Black Creepers: Pulp Shoes

Got my 90s style on last week to celebrate my last day at uni for the year. Loving my creepers they are seriously the best most comfy shoes I own.


Cry me a river

what I wore:
vintage dress - thrifted
black leggings - Big W
mustard cardigan - Esprit
black ballet flats - Payless Shoes
belt - from another dress

Being tired of sitting around at home all weekend with no money I decided to take myself for a bike ride with my camera so I could get some outfit shots.
I have been really grateful that it has been cooler the last few days hence why I got to wear a cardigan for these pics. 
I found some really nice nature-y areas around where I live and a nice park which will be nice for some pics. These photos were fun to take and definitely help me to develop more skill in the photography department.
However I think from now on I will be using my 50mm lens instead as it takes much crisper shots which will make it all the more easier for good photos.
Have a good week everyone!


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My Top 10 Goals before the end of 2012


I know the image of my mug is distracting (and oh so true!) but this post is actually about my own personal goals and redefining them. I do find I set unrealistic goals for myself so this time I am going to set ones I can actually accomplish by the end of the year- who says it has to be January 1 before we can start making changes?

  1. Lose 10 kilos. I actually aim to lose more but like I said this needs to be realistic. I have just joined the 12 Week Body Transformation so here goes nothing!
  2. Take more photos – I have been lazy with this, this year. I actually have a passion for nature photography so I need to pursue this more.
  3. Spend more time with my dog and cat – they are both the best things in my life and I know they won’t be around forever so every moment is precious.
  4. Learn something new - I’m not too sure what this will be yet maybe dressmaking I suck at it.
  5. Spend more time writing – I am actually a really good writer not bragging at all lol. But I do find that I don’t spend much time actually writing as much as I want to so I’m sure this blog is a start.
  6. Take better outfit photos – I have to admit that I get bored taking outfit photos it all feels so pretentious. I am going to get out into nature more as this will be relaxing and fun and make for awesome photos for the blog!
  7. Start a Gratitude diary- one of my friends has recently started this and she is so much more positive! It is really good to focus on the good things going on in your life rather than the bad.
  8. Eat better and exercise daily – this actually ties in with goal one but at the end of the day I want to be healthier for the long run.
  9. Do things I enjoy more – there are a lot of projects I have given up as they didn’t seem to be going anywhere or making me any money as I hoped they would. But I still enjoy them so why give up?
  10. Learn to let things go – this will probably be the hardest for me. I am a control freak, perfectionist but I am hoping that by letting go and ‘going with the flow’ that I will be a lot less stressed and hopefully happier. I sometimes need to remember what really matters and let everything else pass me by!

Do you have any goals you want to complete before the end of the year?


Disqus for comments

When I started my blog I was using Disqus, a blog comments service as pretty much every blog I was reading was using it at the time so I assumed it was good.
It also makes it really easy to reply to comments and interact with your readers which is of course always a good thing.
I stopped using it as I found it had a lot of glitches in that it would sometimes not appear and other times appear. I had readers contacting me saying they couldn't leave a comment etc and found this was happening to others too so decided to remove it (unfortunately it also took heaps of my previous comments with it!)

However I do find blogs that use Disqus always seem to have more comments than ones that don't. I surely have noticed a drastic drop in comments since removing Disqus from my blog.

I am considering using it again wanting to know how my readers feel about this and if any other bloggers have issues using this service?

So how do you feel about Disqus? Do you prefer it or do you prefer to us comments using Blogger?


C'est la vie

what I wore
cream lace dress from Just Jeans(similar)
floral cardigan from Valleygirl (similar)
red clogs from Lotta from Stockholm
red leather bag from Nancybird

It is strange when you realise that taking one day at a time is so much easier than constantly over-thinking every little thing and making plans for things that may or may not ever happen.

I must admit that I am naturally a perfectionist, control freak so it is always difficult for me to let go even for simple things. But sometimes I get so tired of being like this that it is necessary to take a break from it all before losing your mind.

This outfit was what I wore to work earlier this week, throwing on a floral mis-matched cardi before leaving the house as it was a strangely chilly day for Brisbane Springtime. I got a few weird looks not sure why perhaps because I like to push the boundaries a little. Life is boring if you don't sometimes mix things up a little. Have a great rest of the week darlings!


Wigging It


blue7 copy

Ok so lately I’ve been missing my long hair like you wouldn’t believe. This is especially weird as it is stinking hot here at the moment and having long hair in this heat is very uncomfortable to say the least.

So anyway I bought a wig on eBay as this is pretty much the hair colour I am aiming for. And I just love it! It’s amazing how much more feminine you feel with long hair. As soon as I put this on I felt like myself again. As much as I love having short hair as it doesn’t cost me as much and it is pretty low maintenance I must admit that I am dying for longer hair now.

So I have decided to start growing out my hair so it will be long enough for hair extensions come Autumn next year.

What do you prefer long hair or short?


Spring Florals and Same Olds

what I wore:
Floral dress from Jeanswest, 
Black leggings from Target
black flats from Payless Shoes and 
black bag by Oroton.

Another crazy week for me. I have finally finished my assignment so at least that is a good thing. I actually took these photos about a month ago but haven't posted them yet as I have been so busy. It is going to be weird having tomorrow off as I am used to going to my internship on Wednesdays.

On another note the job prospects are starting to look up. I just found out last Friday that I might be able to get my old job back full time (the job I left in December last year). It will be a slightly new team of people but I already know everyone though so it would still be good. Also I miss good coffee and my old work had a seriously good coffee shop near by.

What are you up to this week?


An Ethereal Fantasy

Mysteries in The Fall
"Magic on fall"
The woods secret
I feel that my luggage is light

I recently came across the most vivid breath-taking images I have seen online for ages so I just had to share them with you. These are all digital collages made by Almadiana.

I have to say the cat one above it my favourite but the others are all ethereal and magical in their own way. As a lover of fantasy books and artwork these definitely fit the bill for me. If only I could have these as huge prints around my house…

How to get the most out of your summer dresses

red dress

Hi everyone! As the majority of my readers are from the US I thought I would do you guys a post about how to get the most out of your summer dresses. If you are anything like me you don’t actually purchase “winter” dresses but rather restyle and layer the current pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

The dress in the first image is from Modcloth and I actually have this dress and wore it heaps of times during winter with cardigans, coats and long-sleeve tops. Because its a pretty short dress it looks great with tights and flat boots for fall or winter weather.


The second outfit is a summer staple for me- the midi dress. Spaghetti straps and a pleated skirt are great for the warmer months. But how to wear it in winter?

Well that’s easy- here I have styled this with a baggy black sweater and mix printed tights and a belt for fun and thrown in nude wedges and a nude colour bag and mustard scarf- who says winter needs to be boring?

teal and red

And last but not least who doesn’t love a mash-up of black and white, red and teal. These colours just go so well together and are sure to brighten up the dreary winter days.

Hope you enjoyed this post- please leave a comment!


Ray-Ban Remix


Currently I own 2 pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses- the Wayfarer original in black and the Emma sunglasses in light havana. I have pretty much had an obsession with Ray-Bans for years and always wanted the Wayfarers so they were the first pair I bought. Usually I wear the Emma sunnies now though as I love the cat-eye shape and the colour goes with pretty much anything.
Next year I am thinking of getting another style. I already know the aviators don’t suit me (which sucks as they are awesome!) so maybe some Jackie Ohh ones or Club Masters if they suit me- not sure yet will need to try them on.