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A Year of Outfits

Like most fashion bloggers I do find that my style is constantly changing and evolving. People sometimes think I am strange because one day I will be dressed in a pretty vintage dress the next in some grunge ensemble with ankle boots. It is always good to keep them guessing.

Here are some of my favourite outfits from the year. I really hope next year to get better at taking photos (I always say that but never do haha).

Here are some of my achievements/highlights for the year:

  • Lost 10 kilos and feeling so much happier and healthier!
  • Got a new job after working in the same place for 3.5 years (still looking for another new one though!)
  • Taught myself to sew (still learning)
  • Started my own magazine which launched earlier this month
  • Started my graphic design business
  • Got a pixie cut (which I cannot wait now to grow out!)

I also came up with a small but attainable list of New Years Resolutions. Here they are:

  • To be more patient, to stop comparing myself to others and putting myself down in the process,
  • To appreciate what I do have rather than focusing on what I don't have,
  • To take one day at a time rather than constantly stressing over a future that may or may not happen.

All of these are pretty big for me and I really do hope I can achieve them.

Hope everyone has an amazing New Years’ and here’s to a better year in 2013!


Weight loss updates


Hi everyone its been a few weeks I think since my last weight loss update but here it is. So far I have lost 9.5 kilos (20 pounds) since late October. I am so totally proud of all the hard work I have put into this. I am of course also partaking in the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation but so much of this weight loss has just been me, clean eating and exercising.

I did a before and now shot today as I wanted to showcase (mostly to myself) how much weight I have lost. The first pic was taken in October the second one was taken today. I am wearing an Australian size 8 dress in the picture (US size 4) and can now pretty much fit into most size 8-10 (US size 4-6) things again. So many of my clothes are no longer fitting me it is crazy!

Anyway here’s to a healthier and happier New Year!


Christmas Wishes

green1    green2agreen3green4

Wearing: green printed vintage dress- thrifted, bow belt (old), 120 denier black tights, penny loafer heels by Wittner (similar)

Hi everyone, how was your Christmas? Mine was pretty good except that I came down with some 48 hour bug which made me feel quite ill.

I started off the morning playing with Bella before heading to my mum’s for present opening and family chatter. I then headed back home with my brother and we watched some movies (Bourne Legacy actually- seriously bad movie IMO) and then back to mum’s for lunch.

I was pretty proud as I only went 400 calories over my usual limit but also exercised to burn some of that off. Overall I must admit that I really don’t miss chocolate like I thought I would. I had 3 Lindt balls on Christmas day and really never want to eat them again!

I also got a beautiful quilt from my mum which I will take some pics of and post later in the week.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!






Wearing: Black singlet- Big W, Belt (from an old skirt), mini skirt- handmade by me, Bass Washington loafers and Fossil Bag

Very behind in outfit posts at the moment these were actually taken almost 2 weeks ago! I wore this to work but then realised it was probably a bit short for work. I made this skirt before I started losing weight and now it is too big but it easy to adjust the waist I am just lazy. I will also be making myself a mustard skirt during my Christmas break from work as I have been searching high and low for a mustard skirt for ages now and haven’t been able to find “the one” so I thought I may as well make my own.

I also made a pretty bag for my mum for Christmas. I am still honing in on my sewing skills but I hope it is something I will get better with, with practice.

Also this is one of my new dresses too. Outfit posts with this dress coming soon!


Simple and Blue with Bella



wearing: jeans and top from Target, blue suede heels by I Love Billy, owl necklace from

Just a quick post today as I am exhausted after all of the Christmas shopping! I am totally broke this year as I still haven’t managed to find myself full-time work so this mostly involved following my mum around the shop while she picked some gifts. I am pretty stoked as I know I am getting a gorgeous patchwork quilt cannot wait to have it on my bed!

Please leave me a comment I am hoping to interact more with readers over the next year- sorry if I have been lazy this year which has deterred you from commenting Sad smile


My Fave Looks: Effortless Chic

1   2   3   4   5   6

There is nothing better than KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). I love outfits that scream style yet are so simple, laid back and effortless. Some people really make it look like they just woke up threw on some clothes and made it work. Here are some of my favourite simply yet stylish looks.


A little bit colourful

wearing: orange lace peplum top from Temt (similar), gold filigree necklace from Adorne (similar), thrifted skirt, stirrup leggings from Target, black ballet flats from Payless shoes and tan bag from Fossil (similar)

For some reason last week I was really into crazy colours and mixed patterns. Not sure why probably the weather was driving me a little mad!

Although I am not a huge accessories wearer I couldn't help but buy this adorable gold collar necklace. I am pretty much obsessed with collar necklaces and happy that I can pretty much wear this one with almost anything. It also attracts plenty of compliments too which is always a good thing.
I am still trying to find more work before the end of the year and it is proving to be difficult. It seems this is a bad time of year or maybe its just a bad financial time who knows?

I must admit though that I am pretty tired of people interviewing me and never hearing from them again. Also recruitment agencies are the worst I recently dealt with one and the service was terrible!

Well hope everyone is having a lovely week


White and Cream for Summer

white and cream

For some reason I am totally addicted to white and cream coloured dresses at the moment which is strange for me as it usually a colour I stay well away from. I always find that whenever I wear white I somehow manage to spill coffee/tea/tomato sauce on myself and this is like EVERY time. I even used to have white jeans which I managed to get all stained at a party one night.

Also white does have a tendency to highlight bad parts which I try to avoid where I can. But seriously how gorgeous are these dresses! Perfect for the steamy hot weather at the moment too.

I even tried on a white dress yesterday (which I didn't buy) but am seriously considering going back to buy it as it was so cute. Not entirely sure if it would fit into my wardrobe (it was a skater/scuba style dress). New year- new me I say!

What I Want: Diamond Pendants

Lately I have been thinking about what diamond pendant I would choose from if given the choice. Not only are diamonds the best present to give a girl for Christmas they are also one of the best presents to give to yourself!
I have searched high and low for some beauties ( I prefer shaped ones or vintage looking) but here is my list of favourites! Which one is your favourite??

My Modern Vintage 2nd Birthday!

Today is my blog’s second birthday. I can’t believe how much everything has changed over the 2 years I have now been blogging. Thank you to all of my readers and sponsors for your support throughout these last 2 years. As a writer it is always nice to know people are actually reading what you write, this has always been so important to me.

I started this blog as a creative endeavour to brighten up my often mundane life. I am truly looking forward to the next year of blogging and hope to introduce new things and hopefully better and more consistent posts.

Any advice or comments leave them below!

Black and White

black and white photography

lace dress


fashion blog

Wearing: Lace top dress by Ally (similar) // Creepers by Pulp Shoes (similar)

Sometimes I think there is nothing better or more simple than black and white photography. These photos weren’t taken in black and white I just edited them in Photoshop but I am still pretty happy with hey they turned out.

This is the outfit I wore to work earlier in the week. It’s a navy with white lace top dress and my trusty suede creepers. Sometimes I am astounded at how many outfits I can wear these with they suit so many different styles. If you don’t yet have yourself a pair of creepers I suggest you get some right away! A stylish staple for any closet.

Looking forward to the end of this week. I then only have 2 more days of work left and then holidays yay! Is everyone looking forward to Christmas?


Total eclipse of the heart

vintage fashion blog
summer outfits
Wearing: black singlet- Big W // floral skirt – Jeanswest // black tights- Big W // floral mary jane flats by I love Billy

This week has been a good one for me, surprisingly better than the last week. I only have 5 more days left of work (over 2 weeks) and then holidays for 2 weeks woot!

Well Summer has well and truly arrived here- it was 39 (102 Fahrenheit) on Tuesday but dry so it wasn't as bad as I had assumed. The heat has definitely affected my outfit choices opting for more cotton base clothing that breathes well and sleeveless tops. Since losing weight I have also been opting for skirts more than dresses now. I previously felt too embarrassed to wear a skirt as I thought my stomach looked huge but I am happy now. Still got another 7-10 kilos to go but it has surely been worth it.
Have a great weekend everyone!