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Wearing: Family Affairs Cry Baby Dress (get this for 50% off now!), stirrup tights from Target and vintage black flats from op-shop.

Hi everyone. This is is my first post from the New Year! I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far.

Thirteen is actually my lucky number so I really hope this will be a good year for me. I found 2012 was a bit of a blah year (we all have them) so I really hope this one is much more proactive and fun!

I have decided to focus a lot more on my writing this year and hope to start writing a book. It will be more like a memoirs as as much as I love to write novels I am terrible with creative writing styles and prefer a much more blunt edge black and white sort of writing style.

I am also hoping to get back into my Law degree although this obviously isn’t as exciting. I only have 5 subjects to go so I should totally finish it right?

xoxo Ilana


  1. I totally want some stirrup tights! Haven't seen any in years!

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  2. stirrup tights rock!


  3. You look stunning in this pair, dude i want this stirrup tights..:)
    Mens Fashion

  4. I have always like the number 13 too!! And i LOVE THIS DRESS!! Oh my gosh - Family Affairs? Do you know how jealous I am right now!!! It's so pretty on you.

    <3 katherine


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