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Engagement Ideas to Kick Off 2013

engagement ideas 2013

The location, timing and the ring should all be perfectly unique and outside of any traditional box of thinking when planning a proposal. If you are looking for ideas on how to create the perfect engagement for 2013 that will give a unique memory for a lifetime, then consider the following engagement ideas to kick off 2013.

Step Away From Diamonds
Diamonds are the traditional stone for engagement rings. However, women want a bit more than the ordinary. In fact, the last few years have seen rise to unconventional stones and cuts as the centerpiece for engagement dream engagement rings. The most popular stones have been rubies, emeralds and the mesmerizing black diamond. 
The black diamond, in fact, is the most misunderstood stone choice for engagement rings due to the misconception of price. Unfortunately, black diamonds are assumed to be highly expensive when in reality they are affordable. In fact, if you want to find affordable black diamond rings online, there are plenty of options. Imagine picking out the perfect black diamond ring with ruby or diamond accents, encasing the ring in a beautiful white gold setting and delivering it in a proposal on a moonlit night. The only thing that would shine brighter than her smile would be the stars.

Untraditional Locations
The most common places for engagement proposals are in front of her parents, a restaurant or a spot that the couple frequents. This is 2013, so think outside of the box. Instead of using the same old tired places for your proposal consider an obscure location that has some sort of meaning for the both of you. Choose a location that she said she always wanted to visit or a location that you went to once, but had a wonderful time while there. 
Some ideas are places like a hiking trail that you went on once several months or years ago, an outside concert or venue or a simple location that was the backdrop for a wonderful memory. Engagement locations to do not have to be the location of a first date, first kiss or first laugh to remain meaningful.

Unique Methods of Engagement
The engagement proposal should be memorable. Even though she will never forget how you proposed, the engagement moment should still be packed with as much unique memory as she can stand. With that in mind, consider a few unique methods of engagement for 2013. One engagement method, that takes some preparation, is a flash mob. Flash mob groups can be located and hired through college drama and chorus groups. With some preparation and some careful set up plans, you can organize the flash mob to show up right at the time of the proposal.  
You can even have the flash mob sing, dance or announce the big question to her while you drop to bended knee with the ring. She will always remember being serenaded, proposed to and the lengths you went to in order to make the engagement perfect. 

The New Year brings ideas of fresh thoughts, change and a break from anything normal. This is especially true when you are considering proposing marriage. The proposal should be anything but ordinary. 

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