Fashion Inspiration: January 2013

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These are some of my fave looks at the moment. Notice how most of them are winter looks? That’s because I hate the heat and Summer and am totally jealous looking at all the cute sweaters, boots and tights- not to mention snow!

Also notice my new blog layout? I had to remove the old one as for some reason it totally screwed up the background. I had to re-do the whole blog from scratch as something seriously went wrong with my previous blog unless it was something blogger did? Who knows – oh well now I have a pretty sequinned blog so I couldn’t be happier!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your post of inspiration!! ^.^ you made my whole day! I'm glad too because it helped me find your blog. :)

  2. thanks Sydney you have amazing taste so had to include u!

  3. waw you have been an inspiration for me to wear the current trends

    thx so much :)

    nice artikel :)

    visit my blog too

    Proudly Indonesian


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