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I recently received a $50 voucher from to spend on whatever I wanted. I am fussy so it took me ages to use it but I eventually decided on an I Luv Speaker which is like a docking system for your iPad but with a really kick-ass speaker system so you can blast your music as loud as you want.

Not sure why I picked this item and I kind of wish now I had picked something else. Groupon has amazing fashion deals and general shopping coupons so perhaps I should have picked one of them. With a website that has so many amazing things it makes it incredibly hard to choose!

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I was pretty impressed with the delivery and it arrived within the specified time-frame of two weeks on Christmas Eve. I was pretty happy as I wanted to listen to some music on Christmas Day so this worked out perfectly.

The only thing I was annoyed with is that it doesn’t support my iPhone 4S which is such a bummer as I was hoping to use it to charge my phone overnight. It even said in the listing that it supports the iPhone 4S but on the box it only says iPhone 4.

I have also bought a sweeper off of Groupon in the past and still use it to clean up bits of strewn about cat litter.

So be sure to check out Groupon and get some amazing shopping, services or travel deals!

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