Weekly Addiction: Crazy Cat Lady

Cute cat print skirt via Etsy

Pink I Love Cats Sweater via Etsy

Cat Nail Transfers

Cat Face Shoes via Etsy

Quilted Cat Tote Bag

Keep Calm and Love Cats iPhone Cover

Custom Painted Typewriter with Cat Stickers

Nothing beats being a crazy cat lady except having a bunch of cute cat things!

Well you are in luck my friends as this curated cat lover list is the crème del a crème of all crazy cat lady lists ever made!

Which thing do you like the best?


  1. OMG! i`m so obsessed with your cat love:) kiddin. Great work! I really adore your skirt

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  2. I need this ALL NOW #everythingwithanimals all of the time. Those cat face shoes! SO CUTE

  3. Cute post~! Love the typewriter! Would you like to follow each other?

  4. I love all of this products so cool the typewriter especially :)
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  5. that typewriter is the best! i also really love the nail transfers!


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