Weight Loss Update: How I lost 25.5 Pounds (11.6kg) in 12 Weeks



Hi everyone as I am now only 3 kilos away from my goal and a healthy weight range I thought I would do another weight loss update.

Since starting my office job back in June 2008, I put on a whopping 22 kilos (48.4 pounds). Most of this actually started to accumulate in 2010 when I moved out of home and was diagnosed with depression. I assumed the weight loss was due to my medication and kept on eating.

Anyway back in October last year I was tired of being exhausted and depressed all the time and hated the way my clothes fit. I really wanted to lose weight but honestly didn't think I could. It’s amazing what self- belief can do!

I started on My Fitness Pal (an app/online food and exercise diary) and it has been a God-send for me. I don't have to spend ages working out calories as most of the calories are in there and it works out the calories you burn exercising based on your height/weight etc. And best of all it's free.

I then decided to join Michelle Bridges' program 12wbt.(It costs $200 for the 12 weeks).

I wanted to join this as I suppose I was in need of motivation and wanted to be a “part of something”. This program has really helped me with my "mindset" issues. I don't usually eat all of the foods the program prescribes but have altered a lot of the recipes and now eat them all the time.

The program says to exercise 6 days a week for 1 hour but I only exercise 3-5 days a week for 20-45 mins depending on time, motivation etc.
This program has also helped me understand portion sizes etc. Before this I generally ate fairly healthily with some junk but the reason I put on so much weight was portion sizes and lack of exercise. I love food and was eating for 3 people sometimes!

Overall you have to be persistent, committed and pedantic otherwise it can fall apart trust me!

If anyone is wanting to lose weight and wants advice or to chat email me or leave me a comment below.


  1. congrats on your weight loss! you look amazing! really happy for you!


  2. congrats, you look so amazing! Thank you for sharing your story!!

  3. Great job! Getting back in shape takes a ton of determination and drive. You look wonderful and healthy!
    L A

  4. You are transformed! Well done and keep up the good work. You look great.

  5. Wonderful! You do look amazing, keep it up!
    xx Pauline

  6. well done. I also did 12wbt, way back in 2011. I have managed to put some of the weight back on, but now I have the ability to run and exercise to lose it again.
    You look fabulous and I love your blog.


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