Retro Clothing and Prints

I will search high and low for new and interesting prints to use as inspiration or decoration. This leads me to rediscover the world of retro prints and clothing.
Retro prints used on clothing during the 50s and 60s really interest me, with psychedelics having a huge influence on prints particularly in the 60s. There is some incredible contrasting and conflicting choices in colour and print. It only takes a few guesses to figure out where some of the inspiration may have stemmed from!
Contrasting and electric colours really took off in the 50s where teens started to revolt against the tradition of dressing like their mothers. Fashion, prints and patterns became an outlet for expression and individuality. This was a really exciting period in fashion history and the start of a revolution for the youths of the day to really express themselves through fashion, as has been the tradition ever since.
New trends in 50s retro clothing began initially as a fashion item for the rich, only becoming a fashion option for all when Marks and Spencer’s developed there own range of affordable retro dresses. Later the creation of synthetic materials allowed for cheaper mass production and with more affordable design. However tailor and fit was never sacrificial, today affordable clothes often come with a sacrifice whether that is fit, fabric, pattern or quality.
So sadly this renaissance of fashion and self-expression is also the starting point of mass produced clothes, which in time has led to poorly tailored designs and a stark difference in quality and dedication to a beautiful garment. Fashion has become quickly disposable and timeless pieces more difficult to find.
Therefore finding retro clothing which encompasses a true retro ethos is difficult. Fever are one clothing company that actually take retro clothing seriously and provide a wonderful array of new items based on old styles. Fever are truly dedicated to producing elegant clothes which will be effortlessly fashionable year after year.

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