Singing In The Rain

Doc Martens boots
Floral vintage style dress: Modcloth
Black leggings: Target
Black Drape Jacket: Jeans West (buy it here)
Umbrella: Oroton
Doc Martens Vintage Red Boots (available here)

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It has been raining here since last week and I am well and truly over it. Today has been sunny so far but I know the rain is on it’s way back tomorrow.

I am considering getting a raincoat and some gumboots in the hopes of being more prepared in the future. I always find I don’t have many outfits that can be worn in rainy weather and a lot of my shoes and bags are leather or suede which is never good in the rain.

Thank God for Doc Martens right?
XO Ilana

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  1. Hi Ilana, Perfect outfit and love the Docs. We have just released our very first video on our Doc Martens boots that we are releasing tomorrow. Love for you to check it out and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bella xx

    1. thanks checked out your video too cool!


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