Weekly Addiction: Drape Jackets

Autumn 2013 fashion  drape jacket

waterfall blazer  Wish Proxy Blazersuede blazer jacket

My current obsession this week is the drape jacket/blazer. I absolutely love it and it looks so stylish and flattering on pretty much anyone. I have already pretty much decided that I am getting the orange one from Jeans West as it will fit well with my wardrobe and doesn’t look like it will be too hot.

As much as I love layers it is usually pointless to buy things that are too warm as I can only wear them for a month in Winter and after that it is back to hot weather. I truly envy the people who live in cold, snowy climates it must be so much fun deciding on what to wear each day!

Which one is your favourite?


  1. I really love this style of jacket too! I have several in my wardrobe xo

    1. I know I wish I had heaps they are very flattering


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