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Black Pants: Target   Black Wedge Shoes: really old    Floral Blouse: Big W

I must admit that it is really strange to be wearing pants- especially work pants. I haven’t worn pants to work for a few years now. They didn’t fit so I stored them away hoping one day they may fit me again. Lucky for me this entire outfit now fits. I wore this to a job interview.

Normally I don’t need to wear clothes that are too dressy or corporate to work but I always like to dress to impress for an interview. It would have been nice to top this look off with a blazer too but unfortunately I live in a super hot climate so layers are not great at the moment.

How do you wear work wear?


  1. Wow, the first thing that I noticed is that you have done really well with your weight loss! Very inspiring :) I like your neat, yet feminine work look too.

    1. thank you Laura yes the hard work has certainly paid off!


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