Life & Goals: What do you want to do with your life?


The other day I was watching TV show Girls and was inspired by something that happened. If you did watch the episode it was the part where Ray asks Marnie to be honest about what she wants to do with her life and basically to stop whining and to get out there and do it!

I was inspired because like most people I have excuses. “There’s no work in journalism so what’s the point of my degree”, is probably me biggest excuse of all. We all have them but sometimes you just need to work a little harder to get past them.

I did this with weight loss. I put all of my excuses out on the table and killed them off one-by-one. It was hard work but in the end I achieved something I never thought I would with persistence and dedication.


I guess the same applies to career and other life choices. Put your excuses out on the table and kill them off. So here are mine:

  1. There is no point pursuing a career with no job options (I could turn this around and say although there aren’t many opportunities in journalism, having a degree in communications can help lead to other positions in government and private sector – this is a much more positive reinforcement)
  2. I am too busy to study (I am VERY lazy when it comes to study. I tend to do pretty well without much effort but I know I could always do better. At the end of the day if something is important you will make time for it.)
  3. I am already a good writer so why bother wasting energy and effort on study. (This may be true to some extent but even someone who is amazing at something can always be learning more.)

The last thing for me isn’t an excuse. I sometimes feel overwhelmed because there are SO MANY things I want to do. I think the point of the talk Marnie and Ray had was to look deep inside and realise what you REALLY WANT. And I can honestly say I want to write. In any shape or form. It is everything to me and something I have loved since I was just a little kid.

So time to stop the EXCUSES and get real!

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  1. I love that second photo! And I say if its something you've always wanted go out there and get it girl! You can do it, you have the potential.

  2. I've been in this place for a while too-it's nice to see someone else is having the same thoughts! I agree with what you said-excuses need to be put aside and hard work needs to be the focus! Inspiring post :)


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