To Paris with Love


I was recently searching online for Paris fashion tips and came across Cheap Flights and a really interesting article about Parisian fashion. One of my close friends moved to France almost 2 years ago and he loves it. I would love to travel there for Fashion week it would be amazing!

It may me thinks about some questions about what fashion means to me and how I would love to start travelling!


· What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is pretty much my life and being able to visit one of the most fashion-inspired cities in the world would be completely amazing. If I had all the money in the world I would be there in an instant!

· How does Paris inspire your style?

I am drawn to Paris fashion as I do find the French women really know how to dress! You always see them looking polished and wearing well fitting clothes that suit there body. The always choose quality over quantity which is very inspiring.

· What item you always take with you on holiday?

I haven’t been for a holiday in years as I don’t like planes. But if I did it would definitely be my camera and my phone and my cat Bella if I could too!

· Your fashion tip for holidays?

I would say to pack light! I am terrible at packing for a night over at someone’s house so imagine me travelling! Pack essentials and basics and then team them up with statement accessories.


What are your fashion tips for holidays and what is the one thing you always take with you when you travel?


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  1. mmmm one day i'll get to paris.... great photos girl

  2. I would KILL to take my pet to Paris with me, Serously - that would be awesome!


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