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Spring in Autumn

green1what-i-wore copy

Green floral print dress- thrifted (similar)

Brown leather belt- thrifted

Black tights- eBay (similar)

Black Creepers from Pulp Shoes




Hi Friends. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I started off having a great weekend but on Sunday night decided to try a new vegetarian product which I think was the reason I have ended up with food poisoning. I still feel so incredibly sick it is mostly affecting my head now but my stomach is still a bit queasy!

Anyway long story short I will not be eating that food again. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow.

XO Ilana


Still searching for the perfect glasses


Wearing glasses on a daily basis can be a real pain. Not only do they continuously fall down your face but you have to clean them all the time!

However there are also benefits to wearing glasses in that you can always pick out fun new styles! I am still hoping to get some new glasses soon with my health insurance but it is a hard decision picking them out. I tried on a million pairs a few weeks back and still couldn’t decide!

Sunglasses are always more fun I think because you don’t wear them all the time and can pick ones that are stylish. It’s no secret that Ray-Ban are my fave sunglasses brand. I already own 2 pairs and they are fantastic. I would love to get some more here are my favourites:

1. Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh


I have actually tried these on in store and they are amazing. Perfect vintage style and suit my face perfectly. These are the top of my to buy list!

2. Ray-Ban Cats in Pink/Silverimage

Next up are some large cat-eye frames in pink. Super cute for you pastel loving gals!

3. Ray-Ban Meteor in Stripid Brown


Loving these brown sunnies how hot are they! Now that my hair is lighter I find the darker brown (havana) doesn’t suit me anymore. Think this colour is gorgeous though!

Which ones do you like best?


Blogger of the Month: Lizette from The Blue -Curtain


I recently interviewed the lovely Lizette from The Blue Curtain. Be sure to check out her blog!

Why did you start blogging?

It all started back when I was browsing the web for outfit inspirations. That's when I came across a site called I became a member there and started posting my own photos on the site as well as following other people. The more I followed different people and saw their blogs, the more I knew I wanted to create my own. I loved the idea of a style blog where you can simply share personal style, ideas and inspire others with every post.  


What styles/trends are you liking at the moment?

I don't particularly stick to one style, I dress tomboyish or girly or somewhere in between and I love that. I just have fun with the outfits I put together and wear whatever I feel like wearing on that day. I'm also a lover of vintage style with modern and lately I'm starting to like the bohemian style thanks to the 'Free People' catalogs I keep receiving in the mail.  But I have to say my absolute favorite style has always been the men inspired looks, suspenders, blazers, oxfords, button downs, neck ties... I wear that style from time to time. 

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe and why do you love it?

Oh my, this question is a killer!! I have so many pieces I love! but the first one that came to my mind was my favorite plaid skirt from Downeastbasics. It doesn't come out of the closet as often, but I like doing that with every piece in my closet, that way I keep its freshness. I love the uniqueness of this particular skirt and the fact  that every time I wear it I feel like I should be in the 70's. 


Who/what influences your personal style?

Catalogs, and of course other bloggers, who doesn't!?  hah! One of my favorites to follow is I love her style and I want to recreate all of her outfits 

Something no-one knows about you

When organizing and cleaning my closet sometimes an item falls on top of another item that I would've never thought of pairing together... so you see, I can say no one knew my clothes sometimes put themselves together, tada! lolAlso when I was in my early years of high school I used to be into anything punk. yikes! lol I wore a lot of black, grays and whites. It was my 'to go' color combo... let's not talk about it anymore O_o


What do you do in your spare time?

I sing, catch up on my TV shows, watch movies, work out, and of course work on my blog. I just got married November 10th 2012, and I'm loving it!! I mention my husband on my blog sometimes and he also makes guest appearances :P kudos to him for putting up with me when I want to take pictures of him and for taking my outfit pictures sometimes. I think he does a great job :) 

If you would like to be featured as my Blogger of the Month send me an



Style Salute to Vintage

Ring Layout 2_fHey girls, it’s spring at last!  That means it’s time to put away your drab garbs and pull out your most adorable florals.  And don’t forget your country club sweater!

As a salute to vintage style, let’s talk more about what classic spring means for your wardrobe.   The days are sunny and bright, new buds are starting to bloom, and the breeze is still cool enough that you’ll want to keep a cardigan or scarf on hand.  For that perfect spring picnic, I’m thinking loafers, floral print trousers, and a loose-knit pastel sweater, à la Jackie Kennedy.  The goal for pre-summer style is to keep everything light, cozy, and bright.  One of my favorite springtime trends is a traditional fashion staple – Nautical!  Because when it comes to commemorating vintage, nothing does it better than some seafaring trends!  Try a structured navy-esque jacket, partnered with nautical-inspired diamond tennis bracelets to compliment your ivory flats and seaworthy scarf.

Or, if nautical isn’t your thing, you can always invoke some vintage style with an ultra-mod bezel set diamond bracelet, worthy of Twiggy herself.  With its history clasped around some of the country’s most well-to-do fashionistas, the tennis bracelet is a sure way to add classic style to any outfit.

And to top it all off?  A sparkling vintage diamond engagement ring – the best way to catch someone’s eye (and make your friends a little jealous)!  The vintage setting of this ring is a subtle way to bring a little bling to your style.  With bead-set diamonds and brilliant center stones, there’s no better accessory to complete your salute to vintage.

Keep the rest of your colors simple and bold, and I guarantee that when April showers start to sprinkle, your diamond accessories will make you shine!

Earring Layout 1a_f


Friend or Faux

how to wear faux fur

what-i-wore copy

Feather print dress from Jeans West

Faux fur gilet from Jeans West

Waist-belt from Portmans

Doc Martens Clemency in Patent Black  from Downes Shoes

faux fur vest gilet

Doc Martens clemency boots women

vintage fashion blog

Hi Friends, yes it is faux. I am an animal lover and do not wear real fur. Although I do wear leather so perhaps that contradicts itself? Not really sure. The way I see it leather is already dead fur is usually the result of something living that was killed for a specific purpose. Anyways don’t mind me lol.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I will be having a giveaway which will start possibly on Sunday depending on how busy I am. I have a lot to get through this weekend as I really want to set up a proper portfolio so people can see my work all in one spot.

XO Ilana


Weekly Addiction: Cute Smock Dresses

image1xxl (1)
image1xxl (2)
Lately I have felt that my style is changing yet again. I think that’s the best part about fashion is that you can be who you want to be with no restrictions. You can wear casual one day or bohemian the next depending on your moods.

One of my fave things at the moment is the smock or babydoll dress. They can be dressed up or down, be girly or grungy and are super easy to wear throughout any season.

Here are some of my favourites from ASOS. Enjoy Smile

Vintage Style: Paisley Smock Dress

vintage style outfits
what-i-wore copy
Vintage bag- thrifted
Black ankle boots – vintage from eBay (similar)
modern vintage fashion blogs
vintage dress
ankle boots outfit ideas
asos smock dress
how to wear vintage
Hi Friends hope you are having a fantastic week so far. This is the outfit I wore out shopping with my mum a few weekends ago. Haven’t had time to post this outfit yet!
Have to say this dress is adorable! I love the vintage style with buttons up the back. It is a bit short but looks fine with tights. My best friend got me this dress for Christmas so thanks darling Chantelle!
XO Ilana

Girl Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

I know that I am not the only person who has a “girl crush” on Jennifer Lawrence! Not only is she gorgeous and talented she also has great style! I recently watched her movie Silver Linings Playbook and she did an amazing job! Seriously cannot wait to see her in other roles would love to see her play a bad/criminal person in a film I think she would do a great job!
I love the fact that Jennifer is also an advocate for a healthy lifestyle as she eats well (almost whatever she wants!) and doesn’t restrict herself like many Hollywood starlets. It is nice to see a “real” down-to-earth person in the film industry who is fantastic and what she does.
When it comes to the red carpet Jennifer nails it with classy style in figure hugging dresses. I personally love this dress:

In her personal time Jen likes to keep it casual with jeans, casual tops and maxi skirts giving her an almost bohemian vibe. I think her style encapsulates her personality perfectly.

Who is your celeb girl crush?


Mint, Floral and My New Doc Martens

Australian fashion bloggerwhat-i-wore copy

Review Pandora Dress purchased on eBay

Black tights from eBay

Black Patent Clemency Doc Martens from Downes Shoes

Review Australia dress Dr Martens boots

Doc Martens Clemency

Dr Martens Clemency womens boots

vintage style fashion blogs

Hi Friends. Hope you had a lovely weekend. I can’t believe it is Monday again tomorrow and back to work for another week (sigh).

I have to admit that this is probably one of my most favourite outfits I have ever worn. This dress is a new favourite that I got on eBay and the boots are my new Docs I got the other day. They are soooo comfortable and shiny and just plain awesome. I cannot wait to wear them with everything in my closet!

XO Ilana


Pet Projects Top

cute animal tops

what-i-wore copy

Pet Projects Top from Modcloth

Striped Cardigan from Target (similar style here)

Black Skinny Pants from Jeans West (similar here)

Black Wedges from Williams Shoes (old- similar here)

my modern vintage style

cute style blog


Hi Friends. What a busy week this has been. This week was essentially my lazy uni week where I didn’t do any uni work at all but back into it all again next week as I have exams coming up and assignments that are due. With working full time, doing freelance writing and design work I am very much exhausted but at the same time loving it. As much as free time is sometimes nice I get so bored and love the thrill of deadlines and keeping busy!

Hope you had a fantastic week! Oh and how adorable is this top?

XO Ilana


Weekly Addiction: Doc Martens

(Image sources 1  2  3  4  5)

Hi Friends welcome to this week's "weekly addiction" post. My fave things in fashion at the moment are the infamous Doc Martens. I just love them with a super girly look they definitely give a tough edge!

I just bought some new Docs yesterday and will show you all some pics with them next week. They still need breaking in and are all squeaky and hurting a bit but oh so worth it in the end! If you don't have any Docs yet I suggest you go get some stat!

XO Ilana