Are men becoming vainer?

I remember a few years ago when I discovered my ex-boyfriend shaving in the shower. He told me he wanted to be ‘hairless’. I assumed it was just a phase, some feminine-metro thing he was going through and left it at that. Then he got his eyebrows waxed…that was when I freaked!

I am convinced now that men are vainer than ever. My brother is another one of these guys who likes to spend time in the bathroom. He can spend up to 30 minutes just in the shower alone. Getting ready to go out somewhere can take him longer than his girlfriend as he tries to work out what to wear and even shows off the different options.

I am ok with men becoming vainer but really miss the days of macho, sweaty guys who are unshaven and just plain ‘manly’. Fighting for the bathroom each morning with your boyfriend, brother or male housemate is now something many of us girls are facing.
First4Lawyers has found that looking good can be hazardous for our male counterparts with 12% of men surveyed receiving injuries from eyebrow waxing or threading

This is information I would love to share with my ex but I doubt he would care saying something like ‘beauty comes at a price.’
I am lucky that I am single right now and can have my bathroom (and beauty products) all to myself.
Who else feels like their men spend too long pampering themselves?


  1. I totally agree! Thankfully, my husband and I have separate bathrooms. There is no way his products could share real estate with mine haha!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. I so know what you mean, and I think I can count myself very lucky that my (yet very handsome) boyfriend simpley has a shower and is good to go! :-)

    Have a good day,


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