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Blogger of the Month: Lizette from The Blue -Curtain


I recently interviewed the lovely Lizette from The Blue Curtain. Be sure to check out her blog!

Why did you start blogging?

It all started back when I was browsing the web for outfit inspirations. That's when I came across a site called I became a member there and started posting my own photos on the site as well as following other people. The more I followed different people and saw their blogs, the more I knew I wanted to create my own. I loved the idea of a style blog where you can simply share personal style, ideas and inspire others with every post.  


What styles/trends are you liking at the moment?

I don't particularly stick to one style, I dress tomboyish or girly or somewhere in between and I love that. I just have fun with the outfits I put together and wear whatever I feel like wearing on that day. I'm also a lover of vintage style with modern and lately I'm starting to like the bohemian style thanks to the 'Free People' catalogs I keep receiving in the mail.  But I have to say my absolute favorite style has always been the men inspired looks, suspenders, blazers, oxfords, button downs, neck ties... I wear that style from time to time. 

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe and why do you love it?

Oh my, this question is a killer!! I have so many pieces I love! but the first one that came to my mind was my favorite plaid skirt from Downeastbasics. It doesn't come out of the closet as often, but I like doing that with every piece in my closet, that way I keep its freshness. I love the uniqueness of this particular skirt and the fact  that every time I wear it I feel like I should be in the 70's. 


Who/what influences your personal style?

Catalogs, and of course other bloggers, who doesn't!?  hah! One of my favorites to follow is I love her style and I want to recreate all of her outfits 

Something no-one knows about you

When organizing and cleaning my closet sometimes an item falls on top of another item that I would've never thought of pairing together... so you see, I can say no one knew my clothes sometimes put themselves together, tada! lolAlso when I was in my early years of high school I used to be into anything punk. yikes! lol I wore a lot of black, grays and whites. It was my 'to go' color combo... let's not talk about it anymore O_o


What do you do in your spare time?

I sing, catch up on my TV shows, watch movies, work out, and of course work on my blog. I just got married November 10th 2012, and I'm loving it!! I mention my husband on my blog sometimes and he also makes guest appearances :P kudos to him for putting up with me when I want to take pictures of him and for taking my outfit pictures sometimes. I think he does a great job :) 

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  1. She is so cute! I love her style and im going to check out her blog right now. Thanks for the intro!

  2. Her style is adorable! Definitely going to head on over there!


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