Converse Hi Ness

Converse dress outfits stylewhat-i-wore copy Print dress by Mink Pink – thrifted
Black tights- Dotti
Converse Hi Ness Sneakers - Myer
girls in Converse
 Converse Hi Ness
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 Mink Pink dress 
And so the sneaker phase continues! I have had a super busy weekend trying to finish up some design work, finishing my uni assignment and of course online “window” shopping! I have managed to score a few eBay bargains in the past few weeks and couldn’t be happier. These are the Converse Hi Ness sneakers – it’s essentially my take on the Sports Luxe Trend. This is about as sporty as I get. Oh well, I tried!
Hope you had a lovely weekend Friends!

XO Ilana


  1. I love converse with dresses and skirts, this dress has a lovely pattern!

  2. I love online window shopping- not school work though! And I love this dress - it's so super flattering on you


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