Style Salute to Vintage

Ring Layout 2_fHey girls, it’s spring at last!  That means it’s time to put away your drab garbs and pull out your most adorable florals.  And don’t forget your country club sweater!

As a salute to vintage style, let’s talk more about what classic spring means for your wardrobe.   The days are sunny and bright, new buds are starting to bloom, and the breeze is still cool enough that you’ll want to keep a cardigan or scarf on hand.  For that perfect spring picnic, I’m thinking loafers, floral print trousers, and a loose-knit pastel sweater, à la Jackie Kennedy.  The goal for pre-summer style is to keep everything light, cozy, and bright.  One of my favorite springtime trends is a traditional fashion staple – Nautical!  Because when it comes to commemorating vintage, nothing does it better than some seafaring trends!  Try a structured navy-esque jacket, partnered with nautical-inspired diamond tennis bracelets to compliment your ivory flats and seaworthy scarf.

Or, if nautical isn’t your thing, you can always invoke some vintage style with an ultra-mod bezel set diamond bracelet, worthy of Twiggy herself.  With its history clasped around some of the country’s most well-to-do fashionistas, the tennis bracelet is a sure way to add classic style to any outfit.

And to top it all off?  A sparkling vintage diamond engagement ring – the best way to catch someone’s eye (and make your friends a little jealous)!  The vintage setting of this ring is a subtle way to bring a little bling to your style.  With bead-set diamonds and brilliant center stones, there’s no better accessory to complete your salute to vintage.

Keep the rest of your colors simple and bold, and I guarantee that when April showers start to sprinkle, your diamond accessories will make you shine!

Earring Layout 1a_f

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