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The Best of May 2013

blue3 (2)







Hi Friends. Here is a collection of some of my fave looks for May 2013! Which one do you like the best?


Fresh Mint

green1what-i-wore copy

Mint floral dress by Review Australia

Denim Jacket by Esprit from Myer

Black wedge heels from Williams Shoes (really old)




Hi Friends. I took these photos over the weekend before I dyed my hair a brighter red hence why it looks pretty faded. This is one of my favourite dresses from Review. I love anything green and mint is especially lovely I think. This look kind of reminds me of Spring even though I am about to head into Winter!

For anyone that loves warmer weather you should move to where I live!

XO Ilana


Blogger of the Month: Girl With Curves


I recently interviewed the gorgeous Tanesha who writes the Girl With Curves blog. I have been a huge fan of her blog for a while now so it was great to catch up with her. Be sure to visit her blog too!

Why did you start blogging?

As a creative outlet outside my former fulltime job in the tech industry.


What styles/trends do you like at the moment?

I'm loving black and white, stripes and bright color, especially citron.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe and why do you love it?

A vintage Dolce & Gabbana pencil skirt- scored it from a vintage shop for $29!


Who/what influences your personal style?

I just wear what I like, but and I'm often influenced by old movies.

Something no-one knows about you

I'm extremely shy and even sort of anti-social, according to my family and close friends! haha


What do you do in your spare time?

Play with my doggie, Kingston, cook and watch movies.

Be sure to check out Tanesha’s blog! If you would like to be featured as my Blogger of the Month send me an email!


Red Hair and Pink Faux Pas

pretty in pink outfit ideas what-i-wore copy
 Pale pink dress from Dotti (really old)
Black cardigan from Target
Leather satchel bag from the Leather Satchel Company
Black flats by Diana Ferrari

vintage fashion and style blog
red hair short hairstyle
beauty style cute blog
Hi Friends. Just letting you know there may be a lack of posts this week on account of I have 2 major assignments due that I have barely started. Procrastination and Red Bull here I come!

But back to the outfit. People say if you have red hair you can’t wear pink. Of course I like to prove these people wrong. I am loving having bright red hair and honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!

Xo Ilana

The difference between white and saffron

coloured tights outfitwhat-i-wore copy The difference between white and saffron dress from Modcloth

Red tights from ASOS (similar)

Tan heels by Hush Puppies from Amazon (similar)

Tan Zara braided shopper tote from eBay

Red and gold belt- vintage, thrifted

vintage blog fashion style


yellow mustard striped dress nautical

zara braided shopper tote

Hi Friends- did you have a nice weekend? Do you know what would make it better? Winning my Modcloth gift voucher giveaway so get in while it is still on!

This outfit brought me so many compliments. I just adore this dress it goes with so many different colours. Thanks to Ashley for the inspiration in wearing red tights with this dress!

XO Ilana


Shopping to your best advantage

personal-shopping(Image source)

It can be disheartening shopping for plus size clothing. It can be even more frightening to shop for plus size swimwear.

Women are constantly barraged with how we are "supposed" to look - through magazines, movies, TV and the internet. Style and fashion is thrown at us and can make us larger women feel inadequate. However, being plus sized should not make you feel bad about yourself. We are all individuals and are supposed to be different. How can you accentuate your natural, beautiful curves?

What's your budget?
Are you shopping for casual, business or play? Check your budget and see exactly what you have to work with before you get into the car or surf the web to shop. Decide how much you want to spend per outfit. This helps you decide how many outfits you can fit into your budget, complete with accessories.  If you are buying clothes online, you should make sure that the store you use has a good return or exchange policy. You don't want to get stuck with something that you cannot wear.

If you are shopping for summer swimwear, try Always For Me - a plus size clothing store devoted to making women look their best in their own skin. Always shop for your actual size. Buying clothes that are baggy can make you look like a sloppy dresser who doesn't care what she looks like. Likewise, wearing clothing that is too small is not only uncomfortable, but looks poorly as well. Vertical lines can make you look taller as well as slimmer, so keep them in mind as you shop. 

Black is a popular color in clothing, but try to intersperse bold colors on your clothes as well. You want to be noticed instead of hidden in the corner. Popular trends can be great, but they are definitely not for every form. Make sure that the clothing you choose is for how it looks on "you", not how it looks on everyone else. 

Bras and other undergarments are very important. You must make sure that you have not only the right size, but ones that offer a slimming effect. They will help accentuate your outfits and make you feel much better about what you wear. Lingerie can make you feel amazing about yourself, so indulge. Every woman wants to feel sexy and we all are in our own ways. So buy those silky sexy lingerie outfits that make you feel like a million dollars. 

Don't forget to accessorize! Accessories can make an outfit really pop.  Many regular stores do not have plus size belts and such, so you might want to order those online. Changing your hair style can make you feel great as well, so make sure to visit the salon and find the perfect cut that accentuates your features and your chosen style.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Just a little Alice inspiration for my lovely readers. Hope you had a lovely week!

All links here

Welcome Winter


what-i-wore copy

White Long sleeve top from Jeans West

Brown Leather Jacket from eBay

Green “winter” print skirt from Valleygirl

Socks from Forever 21

Django and Juliette Boots from The Iconic




For some reason it is really cold for this time of year. I have been lugging a coat with cardigans underneath since last week and normally I don’t wear a coat till June.

I am not complaining- I love the cold. What better time to pull out the boots, scarves and sweaters! I love dressing up and layering in the colder months everyday is exciting fashion-wise.

So welcome Winter too bad you won’t stay for long!

XO Ilana


Why oh why must time fly?

owl2what-i-wore copy

Striped top from Target

Black stirrup leggings from Target (similar here)

Owl sweater from Dotti (owl sweater in blue here)

Bow wedge heels by Naturalizer

Braided shopper tote in tan leather by Zara





Is it just me or is time moving faster? I can’t believe it is almost half-way through 2013 already. I always feel like that with life, that everything is too quick, that sometimes you don’t have time to really enjoy what’s real. And sometimes you realise this all too late.

It’s kind of like that quote from Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro -

“Maybe none of us really understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time.”

Do you feel that time moves too quickly?


Seeing Red

red hair

what-i-wore copy

Navy Floral Print Dress by Warehouse (available here)

Navy Cardigan by Jeans West (last year- similar here)

Dark Grey tights- eBay

Tan mary-jane heels by Hush Puppies (from Amazon)

my modern vintage fashion style blog

vintage style clothing dresses fashion

I have been wanting to go back red for a while now but wasn’t sure about it as I find some reds clash really bad with my wardrobe. So rather than go for my usual shade or copper I opted for a vibrant red. I am really happy with the result but eventually I am hoping to go “redder”. Who ever said blondes have more fun obviously never went red!

Let me know what you think!

XO Ilana