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You've probably noticed from reading my blog that I’m really into vintage pieces. My favourite decade is the 1950s and the 1960s – I kind of feel like everything from that era just have a kind of magical beauty to it! Women in hats and gloves, gorgeous shift dresses in retro prints- ahh those were the days!

Anyhow, I saw this post about how to throw a themed costume party and I remembered that one of my best friends is having a costume party within the next few weeks – SO EXCITED! I’m kind of hoping she’ll finally mix things up a little bit this year, so I am secretly wishing that she’ll go with a 60s theme similar to the one mentioned in the blog post…but of a more sophisticated kind of Mad Men style, rather than the Beatles. She did throw a party which was 1920s themed a few years back, which was super cool, but I wasn't able to go.

I don’t get to dress up a lot, so to be completely honest, I would jump at any opportunity to do it – that’s how much fun I know we’ll have getting our Mad Men on! If she did throw a 60s party I was thinking that we all could dress up in something like these 60s fancy dress costumes, hit the town and live it up! I would give anything for the days gone by but at least the party would mean we could pretend like it’s still 1964!

I found the costume above at a local costume company, which are one of the few that actually does costumes ala Mad Men – but only on hire though, so it might be advisable to go to a thrift store and see what I can rustle up, especially for the price tag they rent them at. I've also seen some really great pin boards with mad men inspired dresses and suits, which might be worth checking out for a little inspiration.

Have a great weekend everyone!

XO Ilana

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  1. Cool costume, love the boots!!!!



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