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Blogger of the Month: Into the Woods


Hi Friends. I would like to introduce you to Alexandra who writes the blog Into the Woods. Not only are her outfits beautiful her photography is eye-catching and breathtaking. I hope you enjoy my interview with her.

Why did you start blogging?

During the Summer of 2011 I had come to really enjoy re-purposing things. I just loved going to garage sales and finding treasures that I could fix up to be beautiful. That fall I decided that a blog was just the thing to cultivate my enjoyment for re-purposing. Plus it was an opportunity to help encourage girls in the lord while finding an affordable wardrobe alternative! Now, nearly two years later the blog has grown into a vintage personal style diary with the occasional DIY project.

What styles/trends do you like at the moment?

I love styles from the 20th century- really anything from the early 1900's through the 1990's. As far as individual trends, I simply adore peter pan collars!


What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe and why do you love it?

My favorite piece would have to be my hot air balloon print top. It was a recent find at Forever 21 and I love it! It's an easy go-to piece and the print makes it effortlessly chic.

Who/what influences your personal style?

Oh so many people! My biggest influence actually comes from my fellow bloggers. I also gain inspiration through Pinterest. If I were to choose a style icon, however, I would definitely say Audrey Hepburn. Not only for her style sense, but for the lovely, lady-like example that she set for those around her.


Something no-one knows about you

I was raised on a 3 1/2 acre ranch. Even though it was small, I still had a taste of the country. It truly was the most amazing time of my life. After facing some difficult changes we were forced to move, but I will always kindle those days in my heart.

What do you do in your spare time?

Oh so many things! I love music and playing piano. I enjoy reading ( if it is a good book) and creative writing. I sew when I can find the time. And ever so often I like to enjoy a good game of chess ( if I can find a willing opponent)! But most of all I have an overwhelming passion for portrait and wedding photography.


You can check out more of Alexandra’s pretty outfits at her blog Into the Woods.


  1. adorable!!! I will have to start following her :)

    <3 dani

  2. Thank you so much llana! I am so honored to have been featured on your beautiful blog! Alex

  3. I love how Alex tells about "why did you start blogging" You have beautiful blog. And yes I love her fashion of vintage and her other blog

    Following you now

  4. I love Into the Woods, so this interview was so fun to read :)

  5. Alexandra is so lovely! I enjoy checking out her blog for both her girly style and fantastic photography :)

    Trendy Teal

  6. She does have great vintage style but with chic modern feel.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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