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Paisley Velvet Dreams

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Paisley velvet dress by Mink Pink
Black cardigan from Modcloth
Brown boots by Diana Ferrari Supersoft
Infinity scarf (free with a magazine!)
my modern vintage fashion
winter outfits style 2013
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Hi Friends. So uni is officially over for this semester I am sooo happy! I am also really proud of myself for working so hard on my uni work, my blog and my design business the past few months. it is has been hard to do all of this with working full time but oh so worth it. I now only have 2 more subjects until I finish!

Also quick GIVEAWAY UPDATE: I am making the giveaway longer till the 15th of June as I have not had time to do any marketing on the giveaway due to study. Winner will be announced on the 16th!

XO Ilana

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  1. Yay, congrats on all of your hard work! :)
    You have the most perfect layering style - I adore the infinity scarf and pretty print dress

    Trendy Teal


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