Can you spot a good deal?


Hi ladies. Today I have a fun interactive post for you where you get to decide whether or not something you will buy online is a good deal or not. It is based on an infographic titled 'Can you spot a good deal.'

I had heaps of fun with this and have to admit I didn't do so well. Sometimes it is really hard to judge if something is a good deal or not online I find this all the time using eBay and sometimes find I am getting ripped off. Other times I have managed to get things super cheap which is always great. Recently I managed to get a $450 Mimco bag for under $100 including postage which was super awesome but the bag did need some cleaning up unfortunately.

So how did you go? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. i don't know either..for all i can remember i have bought things for it to go on sale a month later!


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