Going from red to blonde part 1

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Hi Friends. So last week I decided I wanted to get rid of the red hair for a few reasons:

1) It is too much to maintain. I was spending heaps and dying my hair every weekend plus a red toner in the middle of the week.

2) Not washing my hair more than twice a week was grossing me out. Now that the weather has decided to become warmer washing hair twice a week is no longer an option.

3) I was bored of it. Red hair is totally awesome I recommend giving it a go. Bear in mind that is clashes with many colours so there are many things you cannot wear.

I thought buying some bleach would remove it. I tried this (see image 1) and as you can see it went a nice mix of multi-coloured orange mess. Kind of cool if that’s the look you are going for but I wasn’t.

So off to the hairdressers for me and 4 hours, 2 lots of colour removal, a hair colour, toner, trim and $204 later I ended up with what would you call this a light ash brown/dark blonde? It looks darker in the pics.

So I have decided to wait a week to give my poor scalp a rest and will dye it again next weekend. I am hoping to get the base blonder and then get foils over the top. Such a mission!

XO Ilana


  1. ah i will miss your red hair..i had ombre red and the tips..but ultimately chopped it all off as it was starting to look dry and i coudln't keep up..

  2. Love your new hair color!!


  3. Love your new hair color, it looks good on you!

    I also nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    x Angela / bouncingbrunette.wordpress.com

  4. Shame that bleaching didn't work so you had to go to the salon, but I really like the darker brown hair on you :) I know you said it's darker in the photos than real life though, so you might be experiencing a different colour in the mirror! :)

    Away From Blue

  5. I love your new hair colour, although I'm looking forward to see what it looks like once it's a bit blonder too. Hope you have a good week :-)

  6. Please for the love of god and all that is holy, leave your hair alone for a good 4 weeks. Coloring really damages your hair and the more often you do it, and it sounds like you're on the warpath, the harder it is for it to get and healthier. Pleeeeeease leave it alone for a good 4 weeks and give it some TLC. Conditioning treatments, leave in conditioner, masks, etc.

    xo Ashley

  7. I feel your pain! I hope you get back to blonde in no time! Red is so very hard to get rid of...



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. Aw I really liked the red on you, but you look so pretty with this ash brown color too!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Looks good. Brown suits you.


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