Top 5 Craziest Wellington Boot Designs

When getting ready for a festival, you only really need to worry about one item, and one item alone. Wellies will be your best friend throughout mud, rain and muck, as well as affording an opportunity to show how quirky and fashionable you can be.
Here is a top 5 of out-there and off-the-wall wellington boot designs to get heads turning:

Let the socks do all the hard work…

Transparent wellies? So simple yet so brilliant. Taking away all the pressure from your wellington boots, it’s the knee length socks that do the talking. Available at Welly Warehouse, these Rampant Sporting Transparent Festival Wellies come with the jazzy socks and a free poncho! All for £26.99. Click here for more information.
Give yourself a pat on the back…

Monochrome at its best. These wellies come from Funky Wellington Boots and are made by Evercreatures for £35. The cow print puts the trendy leopard print to shame, while also offering a buckle fastening at the calf for added comfort.
Bright, bold and beautiful…

In a gorgeous violet colour, these wellies are ideal for making a strong statement. Whether roughing it at a festival, or taking a stroll with the dogs across the park, these wellies are ideal for mixing it up. Available for £52 from Country First Direct, these Hunter Wellies are a fashion must-have.
Welly camouflage…

If you like the idea of keeping your feet dry, but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing wellies, these Baseball Style Funky Wellies are the ideal choice. For a pocket-pleasing £17.99, One Stop Festival offers fake laces and stitching that is bound to turn some heads.
The envy of all your friends…

Forget rain and mud, how about wellies for the zombie apocalypse? Attitude Clothing brings you these Zombie Killing Wellies by Goodie Two Sleeves, and for £34.99 your feet will stay dry and protected no matter what comes your way. 


  1. These are so fun! I have several pairs of wellies and I feel like they give you such a good excuse to wear funky and cute things on your feet.

    <3 dani

  2. wow clear wellies... certainly interesting! Cute socks would be a MUST!
    Enter my $50 J.Crew giftcard giveaway!

  3. Won't lie, those Zombie Killing Wellies? Just may go on my wishlist now...hehehe

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Haha the first ones are so funny, I love the idea!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. i love the transparent ones..the red high top sneaker like ones and the zombie killing wellies are the best!


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