Summer Garden Tea Party

It is now August, how time flies! Thinking about the warmer weather has made me think about all the wonderful summer parties, friends and of course the drinks!

My idea for the ultimate summer party would be outdoors in a park, backyard or somewhere in nature with a vintage or handmade feel to it. Something like a garden tea party our outdoor soiree.

It would have handmade buntings, fairy lights, mason jars and anything cute. I especially love the idea of this fun mason jar dispenser and these red cup string lights, so adorable!

Everyone would be wearing pretty vintage style dresses or casual relaxed clothing. I have always wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland themed party- maybe one day!

These ideas would also be fun for an outdoor summer wedding and anything where you want a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you can chill with friends in nature without a care in the world.

Here are some photos of my summer party dream- enjoy!


  1. These are such cute ideas for an outdoor garden tea party! Too fun :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Gorgeous! I love these inspirations. I want a nice garden party...

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. Perfect perfect perfect!!! love them all!!!

  4. I love tea parties and these are some great inspiration pics! I just want to host a tea party and wear one of my crazy Betsey Johnson dresses :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  5. Ooh I'd love to have a lunch beneath some flowering cherry blossoms and a table adorned in peonies and cocktails. That would be fabulous!


  6. You're so cute!

    I'm new at this blog thing, so if you can help me a little by following me <3 i'm already following you, love your blog <3

  7. Dream party, indeed! Where can I sign up for the one with birdcages in the middle of a field? I want to spend like, a week there!

    Ladyface Blog

  8. wow i want a garden party! these all look so fun!

  9. wow i love this post so nice!

  10. I love all these photos! I think I have a few of them pinned! I've always wanted to have a lovely outdoor tea party!


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