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Crochet Scarf


Hello guys!! It's my pleasure to be guest posting for the wonderful Iliana, today! 
My name is Lizette and I'm a style blogger over at The Blue Curtain.

I've been following Iliana for a while now and I just love her vintage/modern cute style. 
I was excited but also nervous to do this guest post. I have never quite done this before in someone else's blog and I don't want to disappoint the author of the blog :P
::crossing fingers on that one:: hehe

So my outfit on this post was put together last minute. I just threw on the comfiest blouse I have, the comfiest jeggings and my favorite boots. But it was definitely missing something. 
That's when the crochet floral scarf came out of the closet, and out the front door I was.

The scarf is from pier1imports. I know, you are probably thinking "does she know that pier1 is for house decoration stuff?" lol, but no, they also have accessories and jewelry in there! who knew?! and this scarf is so unique and too cute that I just couldn't pass it up. :)

Boots- Anthropologie
jeggings- Delias
tunic- HM
scarf- Pier1imports


You Are My Sunshine

y2what-i-wore copy

The difference between white a saffron dress (from Modcloth buy it here)

Black tights- eBay

Orange floral wedges by Django and Juliette (same here)




Hi Friends! It feels like forever since I have posted an outfit post but here you go. This dress is definitely one of my favourites from Modcloth goes with so much and I always get compliments when I wear it (which is always nice!)

Anyway this will be my first and last outfit post for another week. Next week I start uni prac (radio journalism) so will be out of action for next week. However I have lined up a host of wonderful guest bloggers that I do hope you will enjoy!

Once I am back I will also give you guys an update on the refurbish/redecorating that has been keeping me too busy for my blog. I am really excited to share this with you all!

Talk soon XO Ilana


The TV actors born to be bad

As TV shows are starting to prove, there’s no such thing as black-and-white. Where once audiences would be given clear cut guidelines as to who they are supposed to support on the show – and who they’re supposed to hate – there is no such hand-holding now.
Much the same as it is in real life, some of the best dramatic TV shows are aware that no one character is truly good or truly evil. Some of our most beloved TV characters have a bad side, whilst even the most evil characters are able to justify their actions.
Let’s take a look at some of the most incredibly actors on TV who are able to turn even the most despicable characters into rounded individuals with a cause and purpose.

Andrew Scott

Perhaps best known for his turn in the BBC series Sherlock, Scott starred as Moriarty, Sherlock’s arch-nemisis. Described by the actor himself as the “embodiment of evil”, Moriarty was charismatic, psychotic, manipulative and down-right scary.
For anyone who could enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, it would be impossible to see the similarities between the hero and the villain and to not see how closely Sherlock is to his evil counterpart.

Bryan Cranston

Once famous for his comedy role as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, Bryan Cranston has been hailed as some as one of the best actors working on TV at the moment. Home Wet Bar crowned him as one of the manliest men on television, whilst Cranston himself has told GQ he can understand the actions of Walt in the hit TV show Breaking Bad.
It is for this reason that Walt is such a successful character; all of his actions are justifiable, even if the justification is faint. The character Walter White is one of the most complex personalities to have ever been on TV, and Cranston inhabits the character with complete success.

Lena Headey

Famous for her role as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, Lena is able to become a character filled with spite, but also equal amounts of love. In the earlier seasons she is seen as a downtrodden woman stuck in a hateful relationship, but soon reveals herself to be more.

Lena perfectly inhabits the character who will stop at nothing to ensure her children come out on top, even when her children reject her. She is also defeated by her gender and unable to live with the fact that she will never been all powerful, simply because she is a woman. 

P.S So awesome that my favourite show Breaking Bad won Best Drama. Totally deserved!!!

Summer Essentials: Sandals


Now that summer is pretty much well and truly here (at least where I live!) I am in the process of organising my summer wardrobe sorted. Brisbane is really hot and humid during summer which calls for open-toed shoes and of course sandals!


I love these strappy ones too cute!

I recently came across Brantano which stocks an amazingly diverse range of shoes for everyone in the family. Great for those Christmas gifts when you are unsure what to get your brother or father!

Here are some of my favourite summer shoe essentials:


Cute wedge sandals


Chunky heeled sandals



Wedge espadrilles

Hope you liked this post! Which shoes do you like best?

XO Ilana


Channel the 20s With a Gatsby Inspired Engagement Ring!



With the recent release of the film ‘The Great Gatsby’, wedding stylists across the nation have been gathering ideas for channelling your inner flapper for the big day. When it comes to a dress, this inspiration opens the door to so many unique and vintage looks that will bring the Fashionista in any bride to be.

Look for dresses in various neutral shades (white, off-white, grey, and natural), with a lowered hem lined, vintage lace details or sparkling sequins. Once the dress is settled on, now you have the fun of selecting the perfect ring or bridal set. Paired with a long pearl necklace and the right hair accessories, you are halfway there to completing a Gatsby themed bridal look.


When it comes to diamond engagement rings, there are so many styles out there. For Gatsby inspired jewelry fashion, look for a ring that mimics the quirky components of the dress you chose. If the dress has a fabulous lace overlay, look for a ring that has a lacey feature. The use of millgrain or beaded edging can give a piece of jewelry a lacey look. One other idea for rings pulled from 20’s style, is to incorporate gemstones with diamonds. The overall effect will be alluring.

Vintage diamond engagement rings are some of the most sought after styles. The sophistication of the designs has improved through the decades, which ensures you get a highly crafted design with superb quality standards.


Short and Sweet

pixie cuts australiawhat-i-wore copy

Silk top worn as under shirt from Sportsgirl (bought on eBay)

Green floral dress by Quirky Circus (Spring 2013 Collection)

Brown tights from eBay

Nude patent shoes by I Love Billy

Australian fashion blog

quirky circus dress mink pink

vintage fashion style blog

Dear Blog, I am so sorry for being so slack with updating as of late but I suppose sometimes life does get in the way. Strangely enough I have just started working part-time again (still 32 hours though) and I seem to have even less time!

At the moment I am in the middle of making over my living room. I have had the same furniture and decor for almost 4 years now so need a change!

Have a great weekend everyone!

XO Ilana


Best New Season Dresses For Spring

Winter is nearly over bring the time when we brush off our spring wardrobes and bring them out for another season. The warmer weather is on its way and with it comes a whole host of new dress designs, patterns and trends that will be perfect for each of us. Whether you love to match you clothing to your personality, or you want to accentuate your body shape, there is a style for everyone this spring. Here are some of the best trends to grasp this year.

Blue is the new Black

We all have a little black dress hiding away in our wardrobes, but this season is all about making a change. So forget the black party dress and head for the blue. The beauty of this particular trend is that there is no set shade of blue, you could channel a turquoise number in a 50’s cut, or a midnight blue, 20’s style cocktail dress. Whatever your favorite shade of blue, now is the time to wear it.

This is the one trend mentioned here where you can have complete control over how you wear your blue dress; there are no rules. From real vintage to modern leather, there are just hundreds of cuts available. Why not check out the fashion sales online at or similar.

Polka Dots are ‘it’ Pattern

Polka dots have survived for generations and it is obvious to see why. They are fun, fresh and scream femininity; you only have to look to the past to see why they have outlived other trends. Now, many people avoid polka dot patterns for fear that they may not suite their shape, but the good news is that this is not about the pattern, but about the cut.

If you have an athletic figure, opt for a tulip cut that will accentuate your hips and create curves. On the flip side, if you have the classic hourglass shape, then opt for a dress that brings you in at your waist and skims your curves, complimenting your natural figure.

All about the Peplum

Peplum dresses are back for the 2nd year in a row and they are better than ever this year. Peplum hems take their origin from the 19th century and are one of the iconic cuts for female fashion. Synching you in at the waist and accentuating your hips, they are the one design that offers all of us the classic hourglass shape. Peplum dresses are a great choice for a day to night look, as all you will need to do is change your shoes and you can go straight from the office to the bar with ease.

Peplum dresses are often considered difficult to wear, especially if you have broader hips, but this is a myth. They actually compliment what you naturally have and if you get the right size and shape peplum you can channel your inner Marilyn for the perfect look.  As a general rule, look for dresses that incorporate 

Asher the Guinea Pig

Hi Friends. So after much debate I decided to add to my growing brood of fur babies. Pictured here is my new guinea pig named Asher (after one of my favourite actresses Asher Keddie). Asher is about 7 weeks old and she is a red-eyed white guinea pig. She is really bossy and talks a lot but is still very scared.
She is just too cute!! I have also just bought another little girl guinea pig who I have named Matilda (Tilly) but she is only 4 weeks old and a little too scared for photo time just yet.
More to come in the next few weeks!
XO Ilana

The Biggest GIVEAWAY Ever!

I am so excited to introduce to you some fabulous blogs and stores dedicated to quality vintage clothing, accessories, housewares, and more. To see each vintage enthusiast's site just click on their image below. We are all offering one winner a bit of our vintage and handmade collections. Interested?

Fill in the rafflecopter form and you're on the trip! The first six entries are mandatory to win, but the rest are optional for additional chances to be the one to win it all! This road trip is a lot easier than the normal car sort- instead of motion sickness prize wonderfulness abounds.

Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



b2what-i-wore copy

Blue cat print dress- thrifted

Flower headband from Collette

Earrings handmade by me

tights- Portmans

Orange floral wedges by Django and Julietteb1




Hi Friends hope you are having a fab week. This has been a much better week for me. I really just think now that I am the sort of person who is not built for traditional study as I just put too much pressure on myself and get way too stressed. Do you ever feel like that? I know a lot of you are also studying so what do you do to de-stress and stay on track?

Also these are my new wedges! You might see them featured a lot over Spring. I love them!

XO Ilana


Nina Proudman Inspired

my modern vintage blogwhat-i-wore copy


Nina Proudman style

Nina Proudman Offspring clothing

Hi Friends. I am back on board this week hopefully. After a terrible week last week of stress and migraines due to my study I am hoping this will be a much better week!

Anyway here is my latest Nina Proudman inspired outfit. However as it is getting too warm now I will be retiring my boots till June 2014. Sigh, I love my boots so much!

XO Ilana


Make It Monday: Tie-Dye Time


Image source

You will need: Something to tie-dye - for beginners, I’d recommend something 100% cotton, you’ll get the best dye – a plastic table cloth, a bucket, fabric dye, salt, rubber bands, rubber gloves, washing line or drying rack, squirt bottles and sealable plastic bags (optional).

Not only have tie-dye pieces come right back around again in terms of fashion, but it’s super-easy, and extremely addictive to make them at home. Tie-dyeing something as pathetic as a pair of tired, mismatched socks can give them a whole new lease of life.

Love the tie-dye look? Then take things one step further and give your home a 1960s vibe with a piece of statement hippy homeware – the room will never look dull again!

Step 1. Choose your items

What you tie-dye is totally up to you – give an old white t a brand new look or pick up a set of these pastel-coloured Christy towels for the bathroom and make them over with a tie-dye twist. You could even go all out and tie-dye some fabric before you attempt the DIY cushion covers we featured back in November.

Creating something along the lines of these gorgeous Sheopur cushions, or these amazingly vibrant towels is so easy to do at home –and you’ll feel great telling people they’re your very own designs!

Then lay a plastic table cloth over your work space – tie-dying can sometimes get messy. Make sure you have all your supplies ready on the table too.


Image Source

Step 2. Create your design and secure rubber bands.

You need to decide what pattern you’d like to end up with before you start. Some of the easiest include chic stripes, a central spiral, or small rosettes. Then secure your rubber bands accordingly – this guide shows you where you need to place the bands for each design.

Alternatively you can just knot and tie your item randomly, this turns out surprisingly well!


Image Source

Step 3. Soak in soda ash and prepare your dye baths

Lots of dyes come with soda ash, which helps the dye and the water to bond. If yours is one of these, then soak your tie-dye item in the soda ash solution for around 20 minutes. Then dissolve one cup of salt in hot water in your bucket, and add the dye.

Want a pastel shade? Add slightly less die than the manufacturer recommends.


Image Source

Step 4. Dye away

Soaking your fabric item in the bucket of dye for a few hours (up to eight) will give you a gorgeous two-tone effect.

For something more multi-coloured, use squirt bottles (a recycled tomato ketchup or shampoo bottle, for example) to dye different sections, and then leave the items in sealed plastic bags over night.


Image Source

Step 4. Rinse

This one’s pretty self-explanatory; once the dye has set, rinse your shirt in a sink. Alternatively, to avoid mess and keep all operations outside, pick up one of these retro-looking watering cans online from Bents. They’re perfect for rinsing out a tie-dye t or two and double up as quirky vases.image

Image Source

Step 5. Reveal and dry off

It’s time for the big reveal. Release your rubber bands and check out your masterpiece, guaranteed to have turned out better than you expected! Then hang or lay to dry on your cooling rack or washing line and you’re all but finished!


Image Source