Channel the 20s With a Gatsby Inspired Engagement Ring!



With the recent release of the film ‘The Great Gatsby’, wedding stylists across the nation have been gathering ideas for channelling your inner flapper for the big day. When it comes to a dress, this inspiration opens the door to so many unique and vintage looks that will bring the Fashionista in any bride to be.

Look for dresses in various neutral shades (white, off-white, grey, and natural), with a lowered hem lined, vintage lace details or sparkling sequins. Once the dress is settled on, now you have the fun of selecting the perfect ring or bridal set. Paired with a long pearl necklace and the right hair accessories, you are halfway there to completing a Gatsby themed bridal look.


When it comes to diamond engagement rings, there are so many styles out there. For Gatsby inspired jewelry fashion, look for a ring that mimics the quirky components of the dress you chose. If the dress has a fabulous lace overlay, look for a ring that has a lacey feature. The use of millgrain or beaded edging can give a piece of jewelry a lacey look. One other idea for rings pulled from 20’s style, is to incorporate gemstones with diamonds. The overall effect will be alluring.

Vintage diamond engagement rings are some of the most sought after styles. The sophistication of the designs has improved through the decades, which ensures you get a highly crafted design with superb quality standards.


  1. I actually like the mpre simples ones but who wouldnt like one of these? LOL

  2. These are so stunning and beautiful. I adore the blue stone.

  3. Boi do I love that movie!
    The blue single ring is stunning! I'd love to get one of those :P
    great post! <3

  4. These are such beautiful pieces, such a stunning blue! xx AtYourHeels

  5. Giving jewelry as a gift to a loved one is a long and classic tradition. Jewelry suits nearly every relationship and occasion.
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