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Hello guys!! It's my pleasure to be guest posting for the wonderful Iliana, today! 
My name is Lizette and I'm a style blogger over at The Blue Curtain.

I've been following Iliana for a while now and I just love her vintage/modern cute style. 
I was excited but also nervous to do this guest post. I have never quite done this before in someone else's blog and I don't want to disappoint the author of the blog :P
::crossing fingers on that one:: hehe

So my outfit on this post was put together last minute. I just threw on the comfiest blouse I have, the comfiest jeggings and my favorite boots. But it was definitely missing something. 
That's when the crochet floral scarf came out of the closet, and out the front door I was.

The scarf is from pier1imports. I know, you are probably thinking "does she know that pier1 is for house decoration stuff?" lol, but no, they also have accessories and jewelry in there! who knew?! and this scarf is so unique and too cute that I just couldn't pass it up. :)

Boots- Anthropologie
jeggings- Delias
tunic- HM
scarf- Pier1imports


  1. i'm obsessed with the scarf - lovely blog!!

  2. Really nice outfit, and that scarf is really pretty. I usually don't wear scarves, but they can really add something to an outfit.

  3. The scarf is so unique! Difibrely the perfect example of the modern vintage vibe!

  4. Adorable! I love scarves in fall! Collecting a bunch of handmade and vintage ones now on Etsy. This makes me really want to pick up some jeggings too. Can't believe I've waited this long to get some.

    Gypsy Plunder Vintage

  5. Very cute scarf! I think you look so sweet and adorable!


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