b2what-i-wore copy

Blue cat print dress- thrifted

Flower headband from Collette

Earrings handmade by me

tights- Portmans

Orange floral wedges by Django and Julietteb1




Hi Friends hope you are having a fab week. This has been a much better week for me. I really just think now that I am the sort of person who is not built for traditional study as I just put too much pressure on myself and get way too stressed. Do you ever feel like that? I know a lot of you are also studying so what do you do to de-stress and stay on track?

Also these are my new wedges! You might see them featured a lot over Spring. I love them!

XO Ilana


  1. You cat lady you ;)
    Haha, love the print dress and your adorable shoes!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Aww that dress is so cute! :)

    I really like your embellished shoes too! :)

    Hope you can find a way to de-stress during studying! I always found taking time out to catchup with friends helped me, but I was guilty of pulling a few all-nighters to get assignments finished in time, ooops! Maybe not the best to give advice, haha!

    Away From The Blue

  3. Both the dress and shoes are so cute! You look so cheerful here :)


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