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Make it Monday: Make a Vintage Pin Board

This post was written by my lovely colleague Myra. Thanks for this Myra!

Wonderful to pin up your photos and make mood board.
Great personalised gift idea

Wooden photo frame – a larger one (ie. A4 or larger) is better
Vintage fabric print (enough to go inside the frame)
Nice paper for the backing (about the same size as the frame)
Sandpaper (fine to medium grit OK)
Acrylic Paint (white or a light colour)
Foam Core Board (can buy from Artist/Craft Stores)
Spray can clear Varnish
Picture wire and/or hooks
Hot Glue Gun
Paintbrush, Pencil, small pliers
Scissors & Stanley Knife

Prepare the Frame
·         Remove the glass and any metal clips on the back (can use pliers)
·         Lightly sand the frame (to scuff the previous varnish/paint)
·         Paint your frame the colour you like (you will need to paint 2 to 3 coats and leave enough time for each coat to dry. In this hot summer weather, it won’t take long).  
·         If you want to go the whole vintage “Shabby Chic” look, you can then use the sandpaper again, to scuff the edges of your frame.
·         Then spray your frame with the clear varnish to protect your paintwork.

Make the Board
·         Use the piece of glass from the frame as a template for the foam board size. Place glass on the foam core and draw around it.
·         Then cut out the foam core with a Stanley knife (can use a metal ruler as a guide – be careful of fingers!)
·         Using the wooden frame as a template, place it on your fabric and cut round the material.
·         Start up your Hot glue gun. Put your fabric good side down, then place the foam core over the top.  Glue all 4 sides down (pull the material a bit as you go, to get it taught).

·         Insert the fabric covered board into the frame.
·         With your backing paper, use the outer frame edge as template and draw around the paper.
·         Cut the paper inside the pencil line, so it will be slightly smaller than your frame.
·         Use your glue gun to stick the paper to the back of the frame.

·         You can then attach a picture hook, or picture wire to the back of your frame if you want to hang it up.


  1. This is a beautiful idea. I was in Typo the other day and I saw something like this. It inspired me to buy/ make one.

  2. Wow what a great idea! And it would good for jewelry too.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  3. Beautiful DIY!!!!!


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