Why Women Like Buying a New Handbag More than Any Other Fashion Accessory


For women, handbags are usually the most important fashion accessory in our wardrobes, and it’s not surprising. The handbag is the item we carry everywhere, from the supermarket to the cinema, school playground to the bar. Being a female requires a lot of paraphernalia and we need somewhere to hold our bits and bobs on each outing. After all, a phone, lipstick, purse, packet of pain killers, body spray, mirror and hairbrush aren't going to fit in your average pocket!

With the importance of a handbag clear, perhaps that’s why man of us are prepared to spend so much on a new bag – or keep spending on several different styles throughout the year. A great handbag will get years of use, so surely it’s justifiable to spend hundreds on it if we wish?

Of course, spending hundreds on a handbag doesn't mean your purchase is necessarily going to last longer. When you splash out on a high cost bag, you’re usually paying for a designer name rather than a super strength material. Buying designer can be hugely rewarding however, even if the build quality is little better than a high street bag – most high street retailers offer excellent production standards. When you buy designer handbags, it’s usually more about what the label stands for, and how a brand reflects your tastes, lifestyle and aspirations. A designer bag can act as an indulgent treat that will make any woman feel expensive and on-trend.

With an expensive handbag being justified by the amount of use it will get, there’s a lot of fun in picking a nice new bag – whether you’re saving for that expensive one or you see one on the high-street. It’s a purchase that’s rarely made on a whim, with most women seeing a few handbag designs at any one time and considering how it will work in their wardrobe. Celebrities have come the biggest source of inspiration when it comes to making a handbag purchase, with many well-known stars owning a plethora of pricey designs. 
Just like shoes and clothes, handbag designs go in and out of style too. When you can’t afford to update your whole wardrobe, a handbag can be a nice way to add the latest trends to your look. This season rucksacks, satchels and box clutches are all big handbag trends – and whilst there’s no guarantee they’ll be suitable come summer, unlike with clothes they’ll always fit and can be kept for later use years later.

Finally, women enjoy buying a nice new handbag because it’s a very powerful feminine symbol, on par with a great pair of high heels. When you've got a stylish handbag comfortably slung over your arm or across your body, not only can you rest assured you've got all your bits and bobs to hand, but you can feel like a woman in control and ready to conquer the day. When it’s something you rarely leave the house without, why wouldn't you enjoy treating yourself to a handbag you really love?


  1. such a lovely post dear! Can't wait to see your future posts.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  2. What a great post. I have often wondered what it is about handbags that we love so much. It’s only recently that I’ve started to become quite obsessed with them. I always liked handbags but whenever I had money I’d generally spend it on clothes or shoes because they have always been my weakness. But suddenly I find myself quite amazed by bags and in particular Guess bags. I wish I could buy them all!


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