Updates and some changes

Change-Quotes-8Hi everyone
Thanks for the those have beared with me during my break and stuck around. It is great to know that I haven’t lost too many readers.
During the past few weeks I have realised that I (myself) have changed and hence the direction of my blog has changed. I no longer just want to post photos of my outfits. I am yearning to branch out and include my other hobbies on this blog.

I have considered changing the name and URL of this blog but am unsure yet. Any suggestions?

Not many people know but I make jewellery, design blogs and also refurbish antique furniture. I would love to combine all of these attributes into my blog and I just feel like this blog doesn't currently do this.
If you choose to no longer follow my blog due to these changes that is fine and thank you for following my blog during the past (almost) 3 years.

Xo Ilana

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  1. I'm terrible at thinking of names. Good luck :)


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