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My Modern Vintage Outfits 2013

Hi Everyone! Here are my outfits from 2013. I picked my favourite one from each month. 
I never posted the November one so lucky you get to see it now!
I have heaps of fun things planned for this blog in the New Year so stay tuned!
Hope to catch up with you all soon

XI Ilana

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Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Just think there is now only one week left in 2013. Where has all the time gone.
I also created some fun pics of Asher my guinea pig for Christmas. Hope you like!
XO Ilana


My Hair 2013

Hi Everyone. I think it was my blogs third birthday last week yay! Also as this year is quickly drawing to a close I thought I would share my hair pics from this year. After getting my hair cut into a pixie cut after attempting to go from red to blonde in one day (very cray!) I have since been a few more colours and realised just how much I love changing my hair colour.

For reference the pic below is what my hair looks like right now but as I am still catching up on outfit posts from October you will still see some pics of me with the blonde hair.

Me- December 2013

Which one do you like the best??

XO Ilana

Protecting your privacy online as a blogger

As a blogger it is pretty normal to share a lot of information about your life online. From photos to lengthy about me pages, to names, emails, ages and sometimes even phone numbers it is easy to forget about where we are sharing this information.
I feel that there is a presumption that a blogger needs to engage with their readers on a certain level and be really personable with them. I know I have done this at times and often find that these are some of my most read posts.

Today most people are using Facebook and other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. However most people don’t realise how their personal information can be used.  They think just by setting up their privacy settings to friends only that they are protecting their privacy. This is not the case and anything you post online can come back to haunt you (think employability for example). If people really want to find information about you- they will.

I find with my blog that I do not share too much. But what is too much? This is of course different for every person based on your own morals and ideas.
I am happy to post photos and talk about my pets, my life, and my job. I never mention people specifically by name nor do I advertise where I work (just the industry for example is ok with me).

I have seen some bloggers even draw the line at mentioning their partners or children’s names and will just mention them as initials or as a nickname. I think this is good as although they may be an important part of your life, they may not wish to be a part of your blog.
Some bloggers don’t even use their surnames at all. I use mine but will note here that it is not my legal surname and more of a “pen name”.

So how do you fare with protecting yourself online? Any tips or advice? Leave a comment!

New Years Resolutions etc

So it is almost 2014. Where has the year gone? I honestly feel like time is moving too fast and eventually one day it will just run out. So I will be 28 next year (getting old lol!) and really need to think about travelling overseas sometime pretty soon. I see photos from all of my friends who have visited and even lived overseas and I get so jealous. So time to stop procrastinating and start planning!

My biggest dream is to visit New York City and live like Carrie Bradshaw. I would visit the Manolo and Prada stores in New York and spend up big. Of course this is a dream and I do not really have that sort of money but a girl can wish right?

Central Park would be amazing it would be cool to visit the spots seen in so many movies. And of course I would visit Ground Zero in NYC to pay my respects.

So excited. Now I just need to save some money! Tell me have you been (or lived in New York?)

xo Ilana


The Perfect Christmas Gift For Men

I am not sure about you but there is nothing sexier than a guy in some skinny jeans, a polo top and some nice shoes. Finding your special guy a decent pair of jeans can be pretty difficult though especially if they are fussy!

If they are super fussy check out some of the great jeans on offer at Roger David.  I am sure you will find a full outfit for your man, just in time for Christmas parties!

Being single doesn't matter either as you can find some nice clothes for your brother or dad. I have already bought my brother some presents this year but I do know he would probably love another pair of jeans. Oh well there is always next year!

XO Ilana

Home Office Craft Room Inspiration

So at the moment I am in the process of recreating my spare room and turning it into a functional home office/craft room. The pictures above are some inspiration (click on images to go to original link). I love modern mixed with vintage/shabby with white and black.

Here is a sneak peak of what I have done so far!

Do you like?


In Springtime florals

Outfit details: Blue floral dress/eBay, white cardigan/purchased from a lady at work,  red tights/ASOS, burgundy loafers/Bass shoes from Amazon.

Oh its been forever since I took these photos but wanted to share. My hair has been amultitude of colours this year so while I am catching up on outfit posts you may see a few different hair colours in there! 
I love these red tights. My first pair tore so I got a second pair and they are holding up well. Now that we are in Summer red tights are not going to be an option so looking forward to wearing them again when it gets cooler.

XO Ilana


The fur babies

I recently added some new additions to my household! I think you guys have already met my guinea pig Asher (the plain white one) but now I also have Tilly (the fluffy one) and Skye (the black and white one). They are adorable but Asher was my first guinea pig and will remain my favourite. She is also happy for me to pick her up and play with her…the other two, not so much.

I also still have my beautiful baby Bella who has taken over some of my new furniture already. As soon as I got the cane chair she claimed it as her own. FYI it is now white and upholstered. Pics to come.
And my beautiful best friend Phoebe. Although she is getting on in age (she is 14) I honestly feel blessed every day to have her in my life.

I couldn’t imagine a life without my fur babies they are everything to me. I hope one day I can open my own rescue shelter for cats that is my dream. Maybe one day.
XO Ilana

How to wear work clothes and still look stylish

It’s a fact of life that some of us have jobs that require a more professional attire. You might be required to wear long sleeve button down shirts (like these from Simons) with pencil skirts or slacks. Or maybe even a suit!

I am pretty lucky in my job as we are allowed to pretty much wear anything that would be considered “smart casual”.  Most people interpret this to mean a nice blouse with jeans or a nice dress with stockings and nice shoes(well this is what I wear!)

I have however seen someone I used to work with a few years ago wearing cut-off shorts. This is definitely pushing the smart casual boundary for sure!

See below some ideas on how to style classic business outfits and still look stylish!

1. The Pretty Office Chic


2. The Preppy Chic


3. The Casual Chic



Home Decorating and Furniture Makeovers

I am sure a lot of you are wondering what I have been up to the past month. Well refurbishing and redecorating my house has been a priority for a while now but finding the time (and money) to do it was difficult.

During this time I also found that I really enjoy doing furniture makeovers and have now even dedicated a page (see top menu bar) to my love of refurbishing!

 I haven’t set up this page yet but hope to start working on this over the weekend so stay tuned!  I am also going to start accepting reader posts for this section of my blog so if you do furniture makeovers or interior decorating shoot me an email.

I did find that it is difficult to find pretty things in Australia and had to think outside the box. I also recently found an online rug shop SCS that stocks some lovely rugs. They are also based in the UK so any of my UK readers make sure you check this out!

I haven’t been able to do up any photos of my house as of yet but will do asap. In the meantime some of the photos in this post are some interior design and decorating ideas that inspire me. Please see here for links.

XO Ilana

How to stay fashionable this winter


Image source

The winter weather in Britain is usually a mixed bag, veering from frost and snow to heavy downpours. However, the cold is usually a constant factor, so a good winter wardrobe must be stocked with cosy knitwear and practical shoes and outerwear. Wearing bulky layers can make even the most stylish dresser feel frumpy at times, but this needn’t be the case. Many of this season’s trends involve high-quality fabrics and designs which mean that style needn’t be sacrificed for warmth and comfort.

The leather trend was all over the Fashion Week catwalks and it has been adopted enthusiastically by high street chains and smaller designers alike. Leather is a natural fabric, so as well as keeping wind and cold out and body warmth in, it's also great for weathering those damper days - so with a leather coat, you can make a real style statement and be practical too.

Whilst a classic leather jacket was the perfect choice for autumn, leather outerwear has been taken up a notch for the winter season. Look to boutique designers and leather specialists for a longer-length leather coat in a streamlined, tailored style.

Fur has added instant chic to outfits for centuries, and this year is no different. Animal lovers can rest easy, however, as most designers now opt for faux, the quality of which has improved dramatically over recent years. Fur needn’t be limited to outerwear, meaning that you can stay snug indoors, whether on a casual day out or night in. Look for a cardigan with a fur collar, though ensure the knitwear is fine: a thick weave combined with a fur trim can look bulky.

Finally, winter calls for decent footwear. Walking in snow and ice means that heels are a no-no: instead put practicality first. Go for classic riding boots which reference the heritage trend. They work with skirts or trousers and allow you to be comfortable on your feet all day.

Combining practicality and style is simple this season, and so is paying for your new wardrobe staples. The Platinum Card from American Express offers flexibility with no preset spending limit. This charge card has a number of appealing features, including travel and concierge services and the opportunity to earn reward points. Restock your wardrobe for the New Year ahead and make your finances work for you with an American Express charge card.