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I am sure a lot of you are wondering what I have been up to the past month. Well refurbishing and redecorating my house has been a priority for a while now but finding the time (and money) to do it was difficult.

During this time I also found that I really enjoy doing furniture makeovers and have now even dedicated a page (see top menu bar) to my love of refurbishing!

 I haven’t set up this page yet but hope to start working on this over the weekend so stay tuned!  I am also going to start accepting reader posts for this section of my blog so if you do furniture makeovers or interior decorating shoot me an email.

I did find that it is difficult to find pretty things in Australia and had to think outside the box. I also recently found an online rug shop SCS that stocks some lovely rugs. They are also based in the UK so any of my UK readers make sure you check this out!

I haven’t been able to do up any photos of my house as of yet but will do asap. In the meantime some of the photos in this post are some interior design and decorating ideas that inspire me. Please see here for links.

XO Ilana

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  1. Hi Ilana, you've done excellent refurbishing job indeed. I do like furniture makeover stuff a lot. But in this Christmas season I've preferred a new dinning table for my home. Anyways I like your unique works, kinds inspiring all though!!


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