How to wear work clothes and still look stylish

It’s a fact of life that some of us have jobs that require a more professional attire. You might be required to wear long sleeve button down shirts (like these from Simons) with pencil skirts or slacks. Or maybe even a suit!

I am pretty lucky in my job as we are allowed to pretty much wear anything that would be considered “smart casual”.  Most people interpret this to mean a nice blouse with jeans or a nice dress with stockings and nice shoes(well this is what I wear!)

I have however seen someone I used to work with a few years ago wearing cut-off shorts. This is definitely pushing the smart casual boundary for sure!

See below some ideas on how to style classic business outfits and still look stylish!

1. The Pretty Office Chic


2. The Preppy Chic


3. The Casual Chic



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    1. Thanks darling. I'd say the second one is more me

  2. I absolutely love these ideas! The first one kinda reminds me of something Jess Day from new girl would wear! And the second one is just super adorable:) Great insparation!
    Hugs & Kisses,

    Bows & Boulevards

  3. i love love love the preppy chic one!! preppy is not my style but i get so drawn to it sometimes!


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