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So it is almost 2014. Where has the year gone? I honestly feel like time is moving too fast and eventually one day it will just run out. So I will be 28 next year (getting old lol!) and really need to think about travelling overseas sometime pretty soon. I see photos from all of my friends who have visited and even lived overseas and I get so jealous. So time to stop procrastinating and start planning!

My biggest dream is to visit New York City and live like Carrie Bradshaw. I would visit the Manolo and Prada stores in New York and spend up big. Of course this is a dream and I do not really have that sort of money but a girl can wish right?

Central Park would be amazing it would be cool to visit the spots seen in so many movies. And of course I would visit Ground Zero in NYC to pay my respects.

So excited. Now I just need to save some money! Tell me have you been (or lived in New York?)

xo Ilana

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  1. I found your blog after joining the group on etsy. I read a couple of your posts but this one I could really relate to. I just turned 32 in October and I have not traveled overseas. I have made it my mission in 2014 to get my passport. Life is short and I want to see the world as much as I can while I am still here. Chris, my business and blog partner and I love NY. We just went in September for an accessory Fashion Week event. I hope you make it there soon. Thank you for this post. It has inspired me.


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