Protecting your privacy online as a blogger

As a blogger it is pretty normal to share a lot of information about your life online. From photos to lengthy about me pages, to names, emails, ages and sometimes even phone numbers it is easy to forget about where we are sharing this information.
I feel that there is a presumption that a blogger needs to engage with their readers on a certain level and be really personable with them. I know I have done this at times and often find that these are some of my most read posts.

Today most people are using Facebook and other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. However most people don’t realise how their personal information can be used.  They think just by setting up their privacy settings to friends only that they are protecting their privacy. This is not the case and anything you post online can come back to haunt you (think employability for example). If people really want to find information about you- they will.

I find with my blog that I do not share too much. But what is too much? This is of course different for every person based on your own morals and ideas.
I am happy to post photos and talk about my pets, my life, and my job. I never mention people specifically by name nor do I advertise where I work (just the industry for example is ok with me).

I have seen some bloggers even draw the line at mentioning their partners or children’s names and will just mention them as initials or as a nickname. I think this is good as although they may be an important part of your life, they may not wish to be a part of your blog.
Some bloggers don’t even use their surnames at all. I use mine but will note here that it is not my legal surname and more of a “pen name”.

So how do you fare with protecting yourself online? Any tips or advice? Leave a comment!


  1. An interesting topic. Personally, I don't share anything I wouldn't be comfortable having a complete stranger know. Which isn't to say I don't share what is happening with my life or even that I don't share my email or last name (My blog is turned into a business after all). As a college student who got Facebook its first year in existance (I'm old?), I think I may have overshared in the beginning. Not big or bad things, but statuses that expressed annoyance or anger or sadness. Sounds like small fries but if an employer wanted to look at my stuff, I don't want it to look like I don't control my emotions in public!

    My only qualm actually about blogging, is the employer thing. Teachers fall under a lot of scrutiny anyway, and living in a small town where people still don't really know what blogging is, I have sometimes wondered if it was a wise idea. But you know, I do it anyway. It is not a narfarious act and I don't like to be dictated that far. On the blog, I will show struggles and some negative things (cause that's life) but really try to have a positive spin on them. It helps me be more positive too.

    I think the real struggle would be/is for parents and their children's lives/images on the internet. Not so much about internet pervs (though I know some bloggers have had to deal with that). Instead, both bloggers and other parents who use social media like Facebook). On the one hand, you want to share your child's life, often with family, but on the other hand, the internet is forever. Your child's image and his life is being put up for public consumption with them having no real control over their own image. So, you know, years later, Crush might find your photo accompanied by the story of how he just won't potty train etc. Which might be why Snap chat is getting more popular.Not nessacarily amongst parents but just the idea that it won't be On the Internet Forever.

  2. It's hard to find the balance between sharing too much and not sharing enough where people can't feel connected to you. I try to share glimpses of my life but not share so much that everyone knows everything about me!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I go by my middle name's nickname which, I think, helps with the privacy thing. I also don't share personal details about where I work or where I go for my runs. I am definitely on the conservative side, but I know there's still a lot out there about me!


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