The fur babies

I recently added some new additions to my household! I think you guys have already met my guinea pig Asher (the plain white one) but now I also have Tilly (the fluffy one) and Skye (the black and white one). They are adorable but Asher was my first guinea pig and will remain my favourite. She is also happy for me to pick her up and play with her…the other two, not so much.

I also still have my beautiful baby Bella who has taken over some of my new furniture already. As soon as I got the cane chair she claimed it as her own. FYI it is now white and upholstered. Pics to come.
And my beautiful best friend Phoebe. Although she is getting on in age (she is 14) I honestly feel blessed every day to have her in my life.

I couldn’t imagine a life without my fur babies they are everything to me. I hope one day I can open my own rescue shelter for cats that is my dream. Maybe one day.
XO Ilana

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