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Weekly Addiction: Cute Animal Sweaters

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Currently I am addicted to overly cute animal sweaters! I want every single one of these they are just too cute!

If I had to choose I would go with a cat one or a fox one. Although a dog one would be cute too. Which one is your favourite look?


I Hate Summer




Cream Cropped Cardigan: Forever 21
Cream Lace Asymmetrical Dress: Just Jeans (sold out-similar)
Tan Bag: Fossil (old – similar here)
Black stockings- eBay
Tan Ankle Boots: Django and Juliette Napoleon via The Iconic


This is my screw you Summer outfit. It was actually rainy and windy on this day which meant time for layering and boots! I get so excited each year as it gets colder knowing I can wear coats and boots even if it is only for a few shorts weeks when it actually gets cold here.

Lately I have been seeing so many pretty snow pics on my favourite blogs it makes me pine for the colder weather! I cannot wait to see the back of Summer (1 day to go!)

XOXO Ilana



photo (1)photo

I will be the first to admit that I am not big on accessories. I usually wear my ankh necklace and hardly ever wear earrings or anything too flashy. I suppose I prefer a part of my outfit to stand out (usually shoes!)

Here are some ways I have attempted to accessorise over the past few weeks and yes I have included shoes as I believe they are an integral part of an outfit.

Also how awesome are my leaf earrings? They have lady bugs on them and are made from genuine kangaroo leather. I got them at the Doll and Bears Show a few weeks ago and I LOVE them!


Chilling Out in Doc Martens


This is what I wore last Monday. It was cold and rainy and I had the day off work as I was completely wrecked after having no sleep due to stress all weekend. I spent the day trying to relax, drinking tea and watching tv shows.

So comfortable bumming around in docs, leggings and a sweater.

What do you wear on rainy days off?


Blogger of the Month: Veronika, Girl & Closet

bloggerofthemonth copy
I was recently lucky enough to interview one of my favourite fashion bloggers- Veronika of Girl and Closet. Check out her blog and of course her interview with me below!

Why did you start blogging?
I fell in LOVE with fashion blogs and couldn't wait to jump on board! I love sharing my style with like minded gals, collaborating with companies and getting to travel + meet other bloggers. It's so much fun!!

What styles/trends are you liking at the moment?
I've been leaning towards more classic looks lately. Currently, I'm loving classic pumps, trench coats, pencil skirts, dark denim and tweed blazers - basically anything from either J.Crew or Banana Republic has me swooning at the moment.

Something no-one knows about you?
I use to swim competitively as a teenager.


What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe and why do you love it?
My black vintage knee length cocktail dress, it's very madmen and I feel amazing in it! Also, I'm in love with my newly purchased diamond (emerald cut) engagement ring - it's classic and such a beautiful statement piece!

Who/what influences your personal style?
Hands down other bloggers as well as movies, and TV shows.

What do you do in your spare time?
I can usually be found cooking, blogging, or doing my photography... and I love lazy days with my husband in our beach town!

personal style blogs 395
  Check out her amazing blog here!
If you would like to be featured as my Blogger of the Month send me an email!


Get Ready for Spring with DefShop


image Italy Style Lola Dress Purple                                           Only Bohemian Dress Dark Cloud Dancer


imageVero Moda Sonya SL Mini Dress Lemon Chrome                 Vero Moda Tulip Blossom Dress



   Refresh Sandals and Pink Loafer flats

Hi everyone hope you are having an amazing weekend! It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 27- eek getting so old now!

Anyway this post is for all of my northern hemisphere readers who are about to head into Spring. Spring is always a fun season as it is not too hot and not too cold and you can wear pretty florals and cute shoes but still layer on jackets and cardigans for the cooler mornings and evenings. Although Autumn is my favourite season of all Spring is a close second.

I have put together some of my Spring Must-Haves from my favourite shop Make sure you check them out as they stock awesome European brands.

Have a lovely weekend and have fun shopping for Spring fashion!


Weekly Addiction: Monochrome

My favourite trend to hit 2013 is monochrome. I am obsessed with black and white and wearing them together in creative ways is always so much fun! Here are some looks/products inspiring this week’s addiction.

Which look is your favourite?


Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6


Singing In The Rain

Doc Martens boots
Floral vintage style dress: Modcloth
Black leggings: Target
Black Drape Jacket: Jeans West (buy it here)
Umbrella: Oroton
Doc Martens Vintage Red Boots (available here)

Australian fashion blograiny day outfits
It has been raining here since last week and I am well and truly over it. Today has been sunny so far but I know the rain is on it’s way back tomorrow.

I am considering getting a raincoat and some gumboots in the hopes of being more prepared in the future. I always find I don’t have many outfits that can be worn in rainy weather and a lot of my shoes and bags are leather or suede which is never good in the rain.

Thank God for Doc Martens right?
XO Ilana

Image Map

How to Wear Monochrome with Brights

vintage fashion blog
Monochrome Dress: Valleygirl 
Purple Cardigan: Sportscraft (thrifted)
Zebra Necklace: Valleygirl
Green Flats: Therapy via Birdsnest

how to wear black and white
how to wear brights
vintage fashion blog

Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend.
So what do you think of my more succinct design? I decided to remove a few elements and make the width smaller and added a new photo of Bella and I to the header. I think it’s more neat but more personal- what do you think?

Anyway I had a pretty busy weekend attending a Doll and Bears Show where I purchased 3 more bears for my collection. I took heaps of pics and will post them this weekend.
I also was offered a full-time job on Friday at the same place I used to work (different area). It has been stressful as the job isn't permanent and I am unsure if they will let me take leave for 10 months from my current position. I have already decided I am going to take the job but being unsure in job-land sure can be scary.

So this outfit was based on one of my fave looks I posted. I decided to combine green and purple with black and white and I am happy with how it turned out. Definitely want to try more colour combinations as much as I can- colour can be so much fun!

Image Map

Make It Monday: Upcycled Quilted Teddy Bag

Materials Needed:
  1. Old quilt ( I found a baby one with teddies on it at a thrift shop)
  2. Material for bias binding and pockets (I used black homespun cotton)
  3. An old belt for the handle
  4. pins and a sewing machine/and or hand-sewing needles and thread
Step 1 and Step 2:
  • Cut the quilt in half so both sides have the same pattern.
  • Cut your bias binding stripes and pin them to the frayed edges of the quilt.
  • Sew the edges ensuring you sew as close to the edge as possible.
  • Once done pin and sew around each edge of the bag using a zig-zag stitch
  • I also sewed in some more quilting lines to make the stitching appear more neat
Step 3 and Step 4:
  • Using the same material cut out enough material to make pockets in the bag.
  • Sew the edges down (you can double up or use a fray spray if you are concerned about fraying)
  • Once all edges are sewn in, place the pocket into the bag and pin in place
  • Sew around the 3 edges leaving the top open of course!
Step 5:
  • Using an old belt or similar pin the to the bag where you want the handle to sit.
  • Hand-sew or use a stronger needle for this part. I found I had to hand –sew the whole thing as my sewing machine needle is only for general sewing/quilting.
  • I used a stretchy belt which gives the handle/strap to the bag more give.
bag6 copybag7
Thanks for reading my Make it Monday craft tutorial. I you like it please share or leave a comment below!