Give Your Home a New Lease of Life

Many people are already deciding if 2014 is the year in which they‘ll move home but with house prices still on the rise, many simply can’t afford to. So is the answer to wait until house prices are at a more affordable level? You could, but chances are you’ll be waiting for a very, very long time. Historically, houses are one of the few things that don’t decline in value and that trend probably isn't going to change anytime soon. This does not mean however that your dreams of a new home or change of environment for that matter are thwarted altogether. More and more people are choosing to rejuvenate their existing houses. It is cheaper than moving house and with the right changes, your existing home can feel like a whole new space altogether.

Get Your Paint Brush Out

It is the most obvious of changes you can make to any room, but that is because altering your colour scheme is one of the most cost-effective, yet transforming things you can do to your home. It can be as simple as painting the walls a different colour or adding some strategically placed columns of wallpaper. This not only serves to cover up any marks or issues that have occurred over the years but the new paint also makes the room feel fresh and new. Why not try ‘Radiant Orchid’, which is Pantone Color Institute’s colour of the year for 2014 – it’s purple, for those of you who didn't know. Another quick trick to bring new life to old walls is to add artwork. Something like vintage canvas prints or vintage posters are a fantastic addition to any room and an inexpensive option for homeowners.

Transform the Mood with Lights

One of the best ways to transform the atmosphere of any room is to change the lighting. It may be the case that your room is over-whelmed by brilliant white spotlights that create a clinical atmosphere. You don’t have to remove them, but why not add a few table lamps instead to soften the mood. You can even try experimenting with different colour bulbs to create a softer ambiance. A great trick for making your kitchen feel different is to top-light the cupboards. This adds a soft glow and is perfect for when you want to relax with a glass of wine.

Don’t forget the Floor

People can get carried away buying new lamps, wallpaper, lighting and other accessories to revamp their tired rooms but they often overlook the flooring. Maybe your existing carpet won’t match your new walls or perhaps it’s just worn out already. Either way, you have a number of options in terms of flooring available. Many people are choosing to do away with carpets altogether and opting for wooden floors. They are easy to clean and hard-wearing; what more do you want in a floor? Another option is to revitalise existing carpets with the introduction of new rugs. They can be used to cover up stains or simply to avert peoples’ eyes from your existing carpet.

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