More fabulous footwear for vegan fashonistas

The New Year is here so it’s the perfect time to realise those ambitions you’ve always harboured to try the vegan lifestyle.  Of course, the biggest challenge will be changing your diet. Start afresh by clearing the house of animal-based products and researching vegan recipes so you’re equipped for the challenges ahead.
That said, committing yourself to being vegan doesn’t just apply to the kitchen; having a wardrobe full of leather and suede is a contradictory to the values of this lifestyle. And while it’s not always plausible in a financial sense to get rid of all of your existing items, you can vow to not buy any animal products from now on.

Cast your mind back just a few short weeks and you may recall reading my post on vegan Doc Martens.
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the vegan fashion industry: a popular one is that the items can’t compete with the trends and style of the wider industry. I beg to differ. I mean, just take a look at the examples from the PETA Vegan Fashion Awards 2013, which includes pieces from world-famous designers including the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker and Stella McCartney.

And it’s not just the big designers (with the equally big price tags) who cater for us vegan fashionistas.
Take a look at the range of knee high boots available from Spy Love Buy. They’re a UK-based retailer, but deliver around the world. The selection includes some fabulous faux leather and suede-style boots, including this gorgeous pair, which won’t break the bank – or your passion to be kind to the world.

(Knee High Slough Riding Boots, Black Suede Style, £32.95, available from Spy Love Buy)

Ever considered how the contents of your makeup bag are holding back your ambitions to become a vegan? If you’re concerned that you’re harbouring products that have been tested on animals or even include animal-based products, check out this article from PETA. It includes some great suggestions for giving your makeup bag a vegan makeover. 

XO Ilana

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