Vegan Doc Martens

Hi guys. So I decided to start becoming vegan this year. Of course I have heaps of leather shoes so will probably never be a true vegan until they are gone but on my budget I don't have the option of replacing all of my shoes.

I recently purchased some vegan purple Dr Martens. I haven't received them yet but I am super excited and cannot wait to do a review on them.

Anyway this is what they look like- pretty sweet huh?

I also wrote to Dr Martens and asked them if any of the other styles are vegan in particular the velvet or canvas versions. Thought I would share the response for those that are interested:

The canvas and velvet ones have leather trim and insoles.  We do have a line of truly Vegan styles, though.  Just search for Vegan on our website to see them.  

Consumer Relations Dept.
Dr. Martens E-Commerce LLC
Tel:          1-800-810-6673  

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