From Dark Hair to Blonde Hair in One Day

It's kind of sad as I wont be able to go back blonde again after this as my hair is way too damaged. I will pretty much be spending most of the weekend with treatments in my hair.

I did however managed to go from dark to blonder in one day. It was actually easy as the colour I had in my hair was just a pigment and there was bleach sitting underneath it. I just used a 30 creme developer and blue bleach powder. I added some highlights first, washed them out after 30 mins and then re-bleached with the assistance of my mum. I then left it for 30-40 mins and then washed it out. I then toned it and left the toner in for 20 mins with a plastic bag to keep the heat in. After this I washed it out. Shampooed and conditioned and then used the Delorenzo Equilibrium treatment for 20 mins. Washed this out and this is what I was left with.

So yeah it is a bit of a process and I don't recommend doing it but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Now just to re-tone and treat on the weekend!

XO Ilana

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  1. i use the soap cap method to lighten my hair and remove colours..since i am afraid bleach will be too harsh for my hair.


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